We invite you to take a trip through time to discover the best pirate items store that has ever sailed the seas of this inhospitable world. Our mission is to find the greatest treasure that is surely hidden on one of the islands. In our Pirate Shop you will become the best corsairs, pirates and buccaneers that have ever existed. We have everything we need to become pirates. Remember that you will need pirate clothing, hats, pirate guns, pirate flags, decoration, accessories and more. And of course the best pirate swords that have ever been forged cannot be missing.

Pirate Shop

The Pirate Sword is our main weapon to siege the enemy. We have the best swords ever created to achieve our goal. The most precious treasures depend on the quality of the sword's forging and tempering. We have pirate swords for collection, training as well as pirate swords prepared for combat.

Pirate Hats

We have compiled some of the pirate hats that have become more popular, such as the three-cornered hat or the tricorn hat, used from the 18th century onwards. We have also included some top hats that, although they were not typical of pirates, have been decorated with some pirate motif and have been incorporated into this list of pirate items.

Pirate Guns

Pirate pistols were flintlock weapons whose limitation was evident as they depended on a single shot. A manual reload was required after each shot and its effectiveness depended on the weapon not having become wet. For this reason it was common to see pirates with several pistols at their waist, even up to five. As a complement, the pirate used daggers and swords in proximity attacks and hand-to-hand fights.

Pirate Mugs

What would a pirate be without his favorite drink, rum, a brandy that was obtained from the molasses juice of sugar cane. At first it was mixed with water to make it drinkable and later medicinal properties were attributed to it, they even said that it eliminated stress. Another of the pirates' favorite drinks was beer, although it was consumed less since it could not be preserved once exposed to light.

We have designed a series of mugs, glasses and flasks with pirate motifs so that you can recreate that pirate spirit in your imagination during your free time.

Pirate Pendants

Pirate T-shirts

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