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Nice Figure Greek goddess of Victory

Greek figure of the goddess Nike, or Victory mounted Nice wagon. Dimensions: 31 x 14 x 17 cm.


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In Greek mythology, Nike or Nice (Greek Νίκη) was the goddess of victory. He was able to run and fly at high speed, beyond which is not attributed other extraordinary qualities. It was considered simply as a bringer of good luck, and used to be associated with some other god. In fact, he is often represented as a small winged sculpture at the hand of another more important, like Zeus or Athena god.

Was considered daughter of Zeus, however after the battle of Salamis (480 BC.) He is often associated it and the thought identical to Athena Nike being his nickname which means "victorious". Another version was daughter of the Titan Pallas and Styx, being sister then Bia (Violence) Zelo (the Fever) and Cratos (Strength).

He emphasizes his temple on the Acropolis of Athens. It usually appears represented with wings and carrying a palm or a wreath of laurel. Nike representations known are the so-called Victory of Samothrace (now in the Louvre) and the small statue in the hand of Zeus at Olympia. Its equivalent in Roman mythology was Victoria.

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31X14 cm.
17 cms.
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