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Peto medieval Squire, black finish

Peto medieval Squire with a black finish. Is unpeto hand-made, designed to protect the front and back of the torso and the abdomen. This design of low fantasy is intended to accommodate a wide variety of characters, and is inspired by a medieval armor historical. Its simple shape comes in a variety of sizes and can be easily used by most people thanks to its curve and ability to overlap under the arms. The plate rests on the hips and has small flanges rolled-up around its edges.

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Secure it by attaching the breastplate and, together, back plate on the chest. Six leather straps are riveted to the back plate, and adjusted using the buckles attached to the armour. Tighten and adjust to his size, ideally over a gambeson padded for comfort. Made of polished steel of 1 mm thick leather straps and chrome, this armor is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or a recreation with regular care of leather and metal.

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1 mm.
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