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The Cid Shield

Coat metal barracks del Cid Campeador, with motifs of castles, rampant lion and eagle sided.


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Rodrigo Diaz Vivar del Cid, was a Castilian knight who came to dominate the head of his own retinue Levante of the Iberian Peninsula in the late eleventh century autonomously with respect to the authority of any king. He managed to conquer Valencia and settled in this city an independent dominion from 15 June 1094 until his death.

Sand is a historic and legendary figure of the Reconquista, whose life inspired the most important epic poem in Spanish literature, the Song of the Cid. It has gone down in history as El Cid or El Cid. For the nickname CampROCTAIt was known in life, as is attested in documents from 1098; the nicknameCid, Although it is thought they could use their contemporaries Zaragoza or Valencia, for the first time on the Poem of Almeria, composed between 1147 and 1149.

Art Gladius

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Made in
Toledo (Spain)
63 cms.
46 cms.
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