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Sword King Solomon

Sword King Solomon of the brand Marto.
Solomon, King of Israel, was the second son of the wife of Uriah, Bathsheba, whom his father, David, had taken as wife.
A sword of high quality exclusive Collection of “Historical Swords, Fantastic and Legend” manufactured by MARTO.
Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.


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Solomon, King of Israel (s. X to.C.), he was the second son of the woman of Uriah, Bathsheba, whom his father, David, had taken as wife.
Reigned in Israel between 970 and 931 to.C. and was known and respected for being a wise king, just and powerful.
He raised the israelite monarchy to the greater degree of prosperity, built the temple in Jerusalem, walled city, and cultivated the arts and sciences. 'Relates the story that took place a trial in which two women fought over the motherhood of a baby and King Solomon, to know which of them was the true, handed his sword to a soldier and ordered him from in two the creature, to give half to each one. The authentic mother then begged the king not to kill the child and hand him over to the other woman.
With this test, Solomon soon finds out which of the two was lying, showing his wisdom and justice'


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120 cm.
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