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Solomon Sword (Limited Series)

Solomon drawn sword. Leaf, cross and pommel inlaid with gold details. Solomon, King of Israel (SX BC) was the second son of Uriah's wife, Bathsheba, whom his father, David, had taken as his wife.


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United in Israel between 970 and 931 BC and was known and respected as a wise, fair and powerful king.

He raised the Israelite monarchy to greater prosperity, built the temple of Jerusalem, walled city, and cultivated the arts and sciences.

It tells the story that there was a trial in which two women maternity baby and King Solomon were fighting, to know which of them was right, handed his sword to a soldier and ordered him to halve the creature, to give half to each. The real mother then begged the king not to kill the child and hand him over to the other woman.

This test Solomon quickly discover which of the two was lying in a show of wisdom and justice.


Data sheet

120 cms.
Blade: Stainless Steel
Made in
Toledo (Spain)

Ratings and comments from our customers

I have not seen quality like this for this low a price EVER!
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