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Lancelot Sword Bronze

Sword Sir Lancelot Du Lac finished in bronze, one of the most famous and legendary characters of the Round Table.


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Knighted by King Arthur, Sir Lancelot became one of the most famous and legendary of the "Round Table" characters. Queen Guinevere herself was her maid the day he took the vows of chivalry. In the conquest of the castle "Save Dolorosa" finds its origins: son of King Ban of Benoic, who lost his kingdom and sent his son Lancelot to Arthur's court, accompanied by the Lady of the Lake, to be knighted.

hisaffair with Queen Guinevere measured own made him all the knights of the Round Table who wanted to save the honor besmirched his lord Arturo. Lancelot, after beat them one by one, voluntarily retired to a monastery to do penance. Before she died, The Lady of the Lake comes to her aid and she always immersed under water it.


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92 cms.
Blade: Stainless Steel
Made in
Toledo (Spain)
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