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Sword Greek Xiphos, Hoplita

Sword Greek Xiphos. This beautiful reconstruction of a sword hoplita has the form of the sheet-like swords Xiphos-century V-VI. The sheet of steel EN45 untempered has the edges without sharpening. The grip with the authentic form is composed of a tube of wood with a steel cap, a shield of steel and a grip of wood riveted on a steel spike thick. The short sword Greek of a hand that we offer here comes with a sheath of wood, covered in red leather.


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The hoplitas of ancient Greece, the brave soldiers of infantry citizens, better known for fighting in a formation of phalanx and wield a spear (dory) and a large round shield (aspis or hoplon), commonly represented with a secondary weapon to his side. One of these secondary weapons on the field of battle a sword is straight and relatively short with a blade of double-edged sword called a xiphos, it was quite popular among the Greek armies (among others, the famous spartans). Designed for both cutting and pushing, it was mainly used by the infantry as a backup weapon for melee combat, or when the spear was broken, lost, or taken away in the fray.

Although the examples that survive are extremely rare, historical illustrations can be found in many works of art of ancient Greece, especially in paintings of ceramics that have stood the test of time.

Battle Merchant

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68 cms.
850 grs.
Blade long
54 cms.
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