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  • Marvel


    <p>Marvel, also known as Marvel Comics or Marvel Worldwide Inc., is an American publisher created in 1939 and became one of the most important in the comics industry from the 1970s. The founder is Martin Goodman and the main producers They are Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.</p><h2> birth of marvel</h2><p> The company was born under the name of Timely Comics and later changed its name to Atlas Comics and then became part of the Disney group in 2009. In 1991 they released the first comics of the X-Men series, which breaks the record worldwide sales with approximately 8 million copies.</p><p> Marvel currently covers mainly the fields of comics and film production, becoming one of the star companies in both sectors. Marvel products, especially comics and superhero figurines, can have an inestimable value in the market.</p><h2> marvel characters</h2><p> The most important Marvel characters are the following:</p><h3> spider-man</h3><h3> Captain America</h3><h3> Black Panther</h3><h3> Hulk</h3><h3> Hombre de Hierro</h3><h3> Thor</h3><h3> Thanos</h3><h3> Doctor Strange</h3><h3> black widow</h3><h3> Wolverine</h3><h3> Silver Surfer</h3><h3> quicksilver</h3><h3> dead pool</h3><h3> hawk eye</h3><h3> Loki</h3><h3> Scarlet Witch</h3><h3> Nick Fury</h3><h3> The Avengers (The Avengers)</h3><p> The Avengers are a group of fantastic Super Heroes created by the Marvel house and more precisely by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Avengers appear in comics, movies and video games and in the sagas they fight against enemies that no super hero can withstand.</p><p> The initial Avengers were: Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Wasp and Ant-Man. They were also joining the group Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Black Panther, Vision and the Black Widow among others.</p><h2> the x-men</h2><p> It is one of the most successful franchises of Marvel Comics since comics, books, animated series, video games and collectibles were released. The X-Men are mutants with superhuman abilities. The original members of the X-Men are: Professor X, Archangel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Phoenix. Among the other members we can find some well-known ones, such as: Wolverine, Colossus and Storm. The enemy of the X-Men is Magneto.</p>
  • Hema


    <h2>What is Hema?</h2> <p>Hema is the acronym for "Historical European martial arts" and is also known as traditional fencing, ancient fencing or historical fencing. The Hema is based on the combat methods with white weapons used in Europe in ancient times and that have been disappearing with the development of new combat techniques and firearms. This type of combat is very common in historical reconstructions.</p> <h2>Different schools of Hema</h2> <h3>German school</h3> <p>Weapons such as daggers, long knives (messer and dussak), spears and halberds, two-handed or hand-and-a-half swords (schwert) are used.</p> <h3>french school</h3> <p>weapons such as the foil and the European sprat are used.</p> <h3>Italian school</h3> <p>Weapons such as the foil, dagger, short and long swords, spears and halberds, and the rapier are used.</p> <h3>Spanish School</h3> <p>weapons such as swords, spears and halberds are used, almost always accompanied by a buckler.</p> <h2>Different types of Historical Fencing and Medieval Combat</h2> <h3>traditional fencing</h3> <p>It is based on the study of historical combat techniques, and on the study of them through ancient documents.</p> <h3>historical fencing</h3> <p>It is based on the study of traditional combat techniques that refer to a certain historical period, such as the historical fencing of the Renaissance.</p> <h3>light combat</h3> <p>also known as light contact, it is practiced with polypropylene or metal weapons (without edge or point). The control of the blow and the total safety of the practitioners are guaranteed.</p> <h3>full contact combat</h3> <p>Also known as full contact, it is practiced with polypropylene or metal weapons (without edge or point) where the technique is tried to be practiced as precisely as possible. Opponents often wear protective armor as blows can hit the body.</p> <h2>Protections and weapons for Hema</h2> <h3>fencing masks</h3> <h3>shells</h3> <h3>padded gloves</h3> <h3>Elbow and knee protectors</h3> <h3>Fencing pants and jackets</h3> <h3>Leg and arm protectors</h3> <h3>Gorgets</h3> <h3>Sparring or light contact swords (flexible in the last third of the blade)</h3> <h3>Metal swords for full contact</h3>
  • The Witcher

    The Witcher

    <h2>The Witcher - The Witcher</h2><p> The Witcher also known as "The Witcher" is a saga of games, books, comics and a film series that tells about the adventures of Geralt de Rivia, the protagonist. The idea comes from Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish writer who turns his fantasy into a series of stories that deal with the story of one of the last sorcerers present on earth, Geralt, a monster hunter who uses his combat skills to defeat them.</p><p> The stories take place in a fantastic medieval era and on an unidentified continent.</p><h2> The Witcher books series</h2><h3> the last wish</h3><h3> the sword of destiny</h3><h3> the blood of the elves</h3><h3> hate time</h3><h3> Baptism of fire</h3><h3> the tower of the swallow</h3><h3> The Lady of the Lake</h3><h3> road of no return</h3><h3> storm season</h3><h2> The Witcher video game series</h2><p> The videogames of the saga have been produced by a Polish company.</p><h3> The Witcher</h3><h3> The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings</h3><h3> The Witcher 3: Wind Hunt</h3><h3> Gwent: The Witcher Card Game</h3><h3> Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales</h3><p> The television series has been produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich for Netflix. The first season was released on December 20, 2019 and was a success.</p><h2> Geralt of Rivia</h2><p> Geralt de Rivia is a witch hunter of monsters or evil creatures that threaten peace. To combat them, he uses his human and superhuman qualities: he has extraordinary reflexes, the ability to control his heartbeat, to resist poisons and diseases. He carries with him two swords: one silver and the other steel. He knows how to recognize the evil creatures that often hide behind human faces and that appear to him from town to town.</p>
  • vikings


    <h2>viking series</h2><p> Vikings or in Spanish "Vikingos" is a Canadian and Irish series launched in 2013. As the name says, it is a historical series focused on the Viking Ragnar Lothbrock and his adventures. The series was recorded in Ireland and was released in the United States through the History Channel. In Europe, the series created by Michael Hirst can be seen on the Netflix platform.</p><h2> viking characters</h2><p> These are some of the main characters in the series:</p><h3> Ragnar Lothbrock</h3><p> is a legendary viking hero, warrior and explorer.</p><h3> lagertha</h3><p> She is a Viking warrior, queen of Denmark. Ragnar's wife.</p><h3> Roll</h3><p> Ragnar's older brother, he is also a Viking warrior.</p><h3> Björn</h3><p> son of Ragnar and Lagertha. Follow the path of the father, being a warrior, leader and adventurer.</p><h3> Floki</h3><p> shipbuilder and one of Ragnar's best friends.</p><h2> Vikings weapons and accessories</h2><p> Several types of weapons and accessories appear in the Vikings series:</p><h3> Ragnar's Sword</h3><h3> Ragnar's Ax</h3><h3> Viking horns (Ragnar, Lagertha,...)</h3><h3> Lagertha's Sword</h3><h3> Floki's ax and adze</h3>
  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    <p>Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels and motion pictures. The books are born from the idea of JK Rowling, an English writer who brings to life in her books a little wizard named Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The wizard fights his enemy Lord Voldemort.</p><p> The books were published between 1997 and 2007 and were translated into 80 different languages, including Latin and ancient Greek. A Harry Potter video game distributed by Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. also went on sale but was not as successful as the books and movies.</p><h2> Main titles of the Harry Potter saga</h2><h3> harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Cursed Child</h3><h2> The Harry Potter movies</h2><h3> harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince</h3><h3> Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1 and 2)</h3><h3> Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Spin off)</h3><h3> Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Spin off)</h3><h2> The protagonists of Harry Potter</h2><h3> Harry Potter</h3><p> is the magician protagonist of the saga that gives the title to the series. Lord Voldemort murdered his parents.</p><h3> hermione granger</h3><p> She is Harry's adventure partner. She is presented as a very intelligent and studious witch.</p><h3> Ron Weasley</h3><p> He is Harry's best friend.</p><h3> Lord Voldemort</h3><p> He is the antagonist of the series. He tried to kill Harry and has dark powers.</p><h3> albus dumbledore</h3><p> He is the Headmaster of Hogwarts School. He is one of Harry's mentors and is a very powerful wizard.</p>
  • Lord of the Rings - Hobbit

    Lord of the Rings - Hobbit

    <h2>Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Merchandise</h2><p> With the Lord of the Rings saga we mean the novels written by JRR Tolkien and the film saga produced and directed by Peter Jackson. The films are based on the novels, and tell of the adventures of the hobbit Frodo Baggins and his companions in Middle-earth, a fictional world. His objective is to destroy the One Ring, so that Suron, the Dark Lord, does not take power. Meanwhile, Gandalf and Aragorn undertake different battles to fight against evil. The titles of the films are as follows: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.</p><p> The films won 17 Oscars and were an extraordinary success, not only in the fantastic genre, but also in the world cinematographic panorama. The prequel called the Hobbit was released in 2012, launching a trilogy that was also very successful. The titles are: An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies.</p><h2> Lord of the Rings main characters</h2><p> These are some of the most emblematic characters of the Lord of the Rings saga:</p><h3> Gollum</h3><h3> sauron</h3><h3> Aragorn</h3><h3> Gimli</h3><h3> Gandalf</h3><h3> Frodo Baggins</h3><h3> Legolas</h3><h3> Nazgul</h3><h3> Arwen</h3><h3> Sam</h3><h2> Hobbit main characters</h2><p> These are the most important characters in the Hobbit saga:</p><h3> Bilbo Baggins</h3><h3> Gandalf</h3><h3> thorin</h3><h3> Smaug</h3><h3> Thranduil</h3><h2> Items and weapons from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit</h2><p> Among the best known objects and weapons from the movies we can find:</p><h3> The One Ring</h3><h3> The swords Glamdring, Sting, Dart, Nasril, Anduril, Ocrist, Strider, Morgul and the swords of the other characters</h3><h3> Gandalf's pipe and staff</h3><h3> Thorin's Map</h3><h3> Gimli's ax</h3><h3> Thorin's Key Oakenshield</h3><h3> King Elendil's helmet</h3><h3> Azog's Mace</h3><h3> Tauriel's bow</h3><h3> Bilbo Baggins's pipe</h3>
  • Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones

    <h2>Game of Thrones</h2><p> With Game of Thrones we can refer to the fantastic and medieval novel written by George RR Martin or the television series created by David Benioff and DB Weiss and produced by HBO.</p><p> The story is based on the adventures of a group of characters belonging to different noble houses to the conquest of the Iron Throne, which allows them to govern the seven kingdoms that make up the fictional continent of Westeros. The original saga consists of 8 seasons that premiered from 2011 to 2019.</p><h2> Game of Thrones Characters</h2><p> The main characters of The Game of Thrones are:</p><h3> Jon Snow</h3><p> known as Jon Snow. He carries a sword with a wolf's head on the pommel.</p><h3> Daenerys Targaryen</h3><p> She is the daughter of King Aerys Targaryen.</p><h3> Cersei Lannister</h3><p> She is one of the main antagonists of the series.</p><h3> Tyrion Lannister</h3><p> is a dwarf and one of the most popular characters in the series.</p><h3> Jaime Lannister</h3><p> He is a knight of the royal guard. He has three children with his sister Cersei.</p><h3> sansa stark</h3><p> She is one of Eddard Stark's daughters.</p><h3> arya stark</h3><p> She is one of the daughters of Eddard Stark, she has a lot of character and wonders like a very willful girl.</p><h3> Davos Seaworth</h3><p> he was a smuggler turned knight, right-hand man to Stannis Baratheon, pretender to the throne.</p><h3> bran stark</h3><p> He is the second son of Eddard Stark.</p><h3> Edward Stark</h3><p> He is the lord of Winterfell, one of the kingdoms of Westeros.</p><h3> kahl drogo</h3><p> notable warrior, first husband of Daenerys Targaryen.</p><h2> Game of Thrones Houses</h2><p> The most important houses in The Game of Thrones series are:</p><h3> house starks</h3><p> his motto is "Winter is coming" - "Winter is coming"</p><h3> House Targaryens</h3><p> his motto is "Fire and blood" - "Fire and blood"</p><h3> House Lannister</h3><p> his motto is "Hear me roar" - "Listen to my roar"</p><h2> Game of Thrones Swords</h2><h3> Jon Snow Claw Sword</h3><h3> Longclaw sword, there are two versions</h3><h3> the novel version and the series version.</h3><h3> Arya Stark's Needle Sword</h3><h3> Needle Sword</h3><h3> Sword of Eddard Stark</h3><h3> Jamie Lannister's Sword</h3><h3> Sword Widows Maker</h3><h3> Oathkeeper Sword</h3><h3> Oathkeeper Sword</h3><h3> White Walkers Sword</h3><h3> Brienne's Sword</h3>
  • star Wars

    star Wars

    <img src="/img/cms/star-wars-merchandising.jpg" alt="Merchandising Star Wars" title="star wars merchandise" width="1320" height="743" /> <p>We have all the ideal <strong>Star Wars</strong> products and merchandise<strong> </strong>to give away Funkos star wars, cups, glasses, cushions, miniatures, mats and more. If you are passionate about Star Wars you do not have our merchandising collection ready for immediate shipment.</p> <h2>STAR WARS - THE ORIGIN</h2> <p>Star Wars, known in Spanish-speaking countries as "Star Wars" is a series of films written by George Lucas and distributed by Walt Disney from 2012.</p><p> Star Wars tells about a group of characters who live in a fantastic galaxy, in an indefinite time. The saga is about the fight between good and evil, inserting human characters and characters from different species, coming from any corner of the galaxy. As we can well imagine, the galaxy is huge and for this reason the characters move around with spaceships, like the famous Millennium Falcon.</p><p></p> <a href="/img/cms/Star_Wars_Logo-svg.png"> <img src="/img/cms/Star_Wars_Logo-svg.png" alt="Carpas y tiendas medievales para recreaciones" title="Tents and medieval tents for recreations" width="1280" height="773" /> </a> <p>Star Wars then enters the "Space Opera" genre and wins over a large part of the passionate audience for these films, becoming one of the most important sagas in world cinema, stringing together several films and years of success.</p><p> The Star Wars saga had the honor of receiving several Oscar nominations and winning a statuette in the original trilogy.</p> <h2>most famous star wars characters</h2> <img src="https://www.tienda-medieval.com/upload/steasycontent/starwarscategorias.jpg" alt="Merchandising Star Wars" title="star wars merchandise" width="1212" height="350" /> <h3>Darth Vader</h3><p> also known as Anakin Skywalker (his birth name).</p><h3> padme amidala</h3><p> wife of Anakin Skywalker and mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.</p><h3> luke skywalker</h3><p> He is the son of Anakin Skywalker and is the protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy.</p><h3> Princess Leia Organa</h3><p> She is the daughter of Padmé and Anakin Skywalker, sister of Luke Skywalker, and wife of Han Solo. He was leader of the Rebel Alliance and general of the Resistance.</p><h3> Obi Wan Kenobi</h3><p> He is the Jedi Master of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. He is a key character in the saga.</p><h3> Chewbacca</h3><p> He is a stocky, furry Wookiee, Han Solo's friend and partner.</p><p></p><h3>Yoda</h3><p> She is one of the most powerful Jedi Masters and one of the few Jedi of the Galactic Republic to survive until the Galactic Civil War.</p><h3> Palpatine</h3><p> is the leader of the Galactic Empire who later uses deception to seize power from the Galactic Republic.</p><h3> Han Solo</h3><p> is a smuggler and is the main character of the spin-off "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story".</p><h3></h3><h3> goofy fett</h3><p> It is one of the most famous characters that appears in video games, comics and novels of the expanded universe.</p><h3> Kylo Ren</h3><p> He is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa and an apprentice of Emperor Palpatine. He becomes a dark warrior.</p><p></p>
  • world of warcraft

    world of warcraft

  • The Legend of Zelda

    The Legend of Zelda

    <h2>Legend of Zelda story</h2><p> Legend of Zelda or "Legend of Zelda" is a saga of manga, video games and animated series that tells about the heroic adventures of Link, the main character, who has to face Ganondorf (or Ganon) to save Princess Zelda and the Kingdom of Hyrule.</p><p> The video game was released in 1986, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka and developed by Nintendo. It was immediately very successful, becoming one of the most important video game sagas of all time. The video game falls into the category of "High Fantasy" and combines a mixture of adventure, action and puzzles.</p><p> In 1989, The Legend of Zelda series was released in the United States. The animated series was produced by DiC Entertainment and consists of 13 episodes that aired at the same time as the Super Mario series. In some scenes the series makes references to the video game The Legend of Zelda but also to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.</p><p> In 2010, "Ocarina of Time Manga" is published in Japan: a black and white manga that refers to the Legend of Zelda. The manga saga is divided into two parts: the Child Saga (composed of 6 chapters) and the Adult Saga (composed of 9 chapters).</p><h2> Link's Weapons from Legend of Zelda</h2><p> Link carries a main weapon and a shield to defend against attacks:</p><h3> The Master Sword:</h3><ul><li> it is the primary weapon that Link uses in his adventures. In most of the chapters of the saga, Link uses the sword with the only left hand.</li></ul><h3> The Hylian Shield:</h3><ul><li> it is one of the most important items that Link always carries along with the sword.</li></ul>
  • Conan the barbarian

    Conan the barbarian

    <p>The 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie falls into the fantasy genre and the protagonist is played by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold, with his performance and his majestic physique, achieves notoriety in the international film world.</p><h2> The story of Conan the Barbarian</h2><p> Conan lives in a tribe that is gradually being exterminated by warriors and brutal enemies. After being the only survivor, he lives enslaved. Over the years he becomes the best gladiator of all time, entertaining his captors and little by little preparing his revenge against the one who killed his family. After a while, Conan gets his freedom and begins the search to find the warriors who have killed his tribe. Handling his sword to perfection, he achieves his goal at the end of the film.</p><h2> Conan the Barbarian movie swords</h2><p> The swords in the film are made by the house of Marto and Windlass. Next we will explain the different versions:</p><h3> Decorative Conan Atlantean Sword</h3><p> produced by Marto, sold with license, production certificate and serial number. You can choose the finish between bronze and silver. The handle is in leather and the blade in stainless steel.</p><h3> Functional Conan Atlantean Sword</h3><p> produced by Windlass, sold under license. It comes in a bronze finish, the handle is strung and the blade is made of 1085 carbon steel. Its hardness is approximately 52 HRC.</p><h3> Decorative Conan's father sword</h3><p> produced by Marto, sold with license, production certificate and serial number. You can choose the finish between bronze and silver. The handle is in leather and the blade in stainless steel.</p><h3> Functional Conan's Father Sword</h3><p> produced by Windlass, sold under license. It comes in a bronze finish, the handle is made of leather and the blade is made of 1085 carbon steel. Its hardness is approximately 52 HRC.</p><h3> Valeria's Sword</h3><p> produced by Marto, sold with license, production certificate and serial number. The handle is made of wood and the blade is made of stainless steel.</p><h2> Conan's sword scabbards</h2><p> On our page you can also find the scabbards of Conan's and his father's swords to protect the blade. It is a nice complement so that the swords are perfect and do not deteriorate over time (as long as all the metal parts are kept well lubricated with oil). These sheaths are produced by hand in leather and high quality skins.</p><blockquote><p> The swords from the Conan the Barbarian movie are true collector's items. Lovers of cinema and especially of this film usually keep them with a special affection. Don't forget that we also have miniature versions, always made in Toledo and with the production certificate. <strong>If you have any questions or if you need advice, we remain at your disposal.</strong></p></blockquote>
  • DC Comics

    DC Comics

  • LARP


    <img src="/img/cms/guerreros_larp_griegos-850x478.jpg" alt="Cascos de armaduras medievales" title="medieval armor helmets" width="850" height="478" /> <p>In our Tienda-Medieval you will find everything you need to practice LARP. Swords, axes, thrown weapons or clothing. They are harmless weapons made of latex and high-density foam.</p> <h2>what is the larp</h2> <img src="https://www.tienda-medieval.com/upload/steasycontent/larpguerrerosgriegos.jpg" alt="LARP medieval" title="medieval LARPs" width="600" height="287" /> <p>The acronym LARP is the acronym for Live action role playing, or what is the same as a live role-playing game. LARP or live role-playing is a game modality in which the representation of the characters by the players is done in real time and in a staged way, sometimes even with the appropriate attire, such as costumes and period dresses and harmless reproductions of swords or other types of weapons.</p> <img src="/img/cms/cosplayers.jpg" alt="CosPlayers caracterizadas en un evento" title="CosPlayers characterized in an event" width="400" height="600" /> <h2>LARP, Tabletop RPGs and CosPlay</h2> <p>In tabletop role-playing games, players sit around a table and interpret their characters only orally, unlike in <strong>LARP</strong> where players stage and execute actions in real time of these events with great detail. In this way, while in the <strong>table role</strong> the action takes place in the imagination of the players, in the live role the action is represented physically.</p><p> In <strong>CosPlay</strong> , fans dress up as animated characters, interpreting and imitating them. Comic parlors are usually where cosplayers gather en masse.</p> <h2>How many players participate in the LARP?</h2> <p>Between a few and several thousand players can participate in a game and can take place in tanto public and private spaces</p> <h2>How long does LARP last?</h2> <p>It can last from a few hours to several days, in which the game is usually interrupted to eat, sleep or rest.</p> <h2>What material are the weapons in the LARP made of?</h2> <p>Swords made of latex are functional and are usually made of materials such as foam, latex, foam rubber or fiberglass.</p> <img src="/img/cms/luchadora-larp.jpg" alt="Partes de la armadura medieval" title="medieval armor parts" width="550" height="450" /> <h2>Since when is LARP practiced?</h2> <p>It seems that these events began to proliferate in the 70s inspired by tabletop role-playing games.</p> <h2>Most used articles in LARP</h2> <h3>Swords</h3><h3> Katana</h3><h3> daggers</h3><h3> Knives</h3><h3> axes</h3><h3> shields</h3><h3> Helmets</h3><h3> pistols</h3><h3> maces</h3><h3> Clothing</h3><h3> accessories</h3> <a href="/img/cms/espada-celta-corta-serie-battleworn.jpg"> <img src="/img/cms/espada-celta-corta-serie-battleworn.jpg" alt="Espada Celta en látex para LARP" title="Celtic Sword in latex for LARP" width="600" height="900" /> </a> <a href="/img/cms/hacha-corta-de-elfo-en-latex-para-larp-70-cm.jpg"> <img src="/img/cms/hacha-corta-de-elfo-en-latex-para-larp-70-cm.jpg" alt="Hacha en látex para LARP" title="Latex ax for LARP" width="500" height="750" /> </a> <a href="/img/cms/bolsa-para-2-pocimas-magicas.jpg"> <img src="/img/cms/bolsa-para-2-pocimas-magicas.jpg" alt="Brazaletes con botellas para pócimas" title="Potion bottle bracelets" width="500" height="500" /> </a> <a href="/img/cms/armadura-completa-medieval-dragomir-acabado-brunido.jpg"> <img src="/img/cms/armadura-completa-medieval-dragomir-acabado-brunido.jpg" alt="Armadura de cuero para LARP" title="Leather armor for LARP" width="720" height="900" /> </a> exist dozens of manufacturers of LARP products. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you choose the weapon or clothing that best suits your needs.
  • HMB-Buhurt



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Knife fantastic Elf Trickster ideal for the LARP. Has a blade of 11 cm-finished all-metal and a handle of 8 cm painted on wood, perfect for hunters and characters who need items of utility. With its style of...

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Wide medieval pants in sand color made by Epic Armory. They are a classic design generally associated with medieval clothing, showing a rich use of light, textured canvas fabric around the thighs. These pants are...

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Viking Ring Thorlief's Cross, Isle of Man. This striking Viking-style finger ring was inspired by a historical motif from the Isle of Man's so-called Thorleifs Cross. Size S: 17.3 mm. Size: 53-56 Size M: 19.3 mm....
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Cushion with the shape of the droid BB-8 from Star Wars. Soft and fluffy, perfect to decorate and provide rest. BB-8 goes from being a nice droid to a comfortable cushion. Manufactured in polyester 100%.

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Designed to add comfort and protection underneath your armor this gorjal collar is essential when you venture into the battle. Made from a coated cotton padded and lined with an interior of soft polyester, this...
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Sword Viking short Squire Collection ideal for the LARP. It is the first weapon that presents our new handle. Color steel, guard and pommel surrounding a handle similar to the black leather, adorned with rings of...

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The knife ammunition of Epic Armory Noble has a blade sharp-pointed and double-edged of 11 cm with a metallic finish, a crosshead bathed in gold and a wooden handle 5 cm With his theme of high nobility, you can...

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Medieval leather bag Tarsoly Magiar model. This small belt bag was inspired by medieval Hungarian tarsoly bag models, which were common among the Magyars and Eastern Vikings during Viking times. In the middle of the...

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Small medieval bag Tarsoly Turul model. This small belt bag was inspired by medieval Hungarian tarsoly bag models, which were common among the Magyars and Eastern Vikings during Viking times.

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Celtic Pin with the Spiral of La Tene. This Celtic garment pin can not only be used to close a cape, it can also be used as a hairpin and is formed in two spirals at the top end, as was typical of representative art...
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What is World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft also known as "WoW" is a mass multiplayer online role-playing video game developed by Blizard Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal. This game is the most played in the world in its genre, counting about 5.2 million subscribers in 2017. The record of subscribers was in 2010 when 12 million users played this game.

Alliance and Horde Faction

The game has a fantastic universe called World of Warcraft that is very extensive and has two factions or races: the Alliance and the Horde. The Alliance is made up of humans, gnomes, dwarves, night elves, draenei, worgen, and pandaren. The Horde comprises orcs, undead, trolls, taurens, blood elves, goblins, and pandarens. Selecting a faction, it is essential to choose a role and then a class:

Tanks, Senators or DPS

Choosing the tanks: the mission has been to attract the enemies and withstand the damage by surviving. Tank classes can be: Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Death Knight, Monk, and Demon Hunter.

Choosing the Senators: the mission has been to heal and keep alive the players of the same faction. Senator classes can be: priest, paladin, shaman, druid, and monk.

Choosing the DPS (damage per second): the mission is to hit the enemies and defeat them. DPS classes can be: warrior, priest, paladin, wizard, shaman, warlock, rogue, druid, hunter, death knight, monk, and demon hunter.

World of Warcraft Expansions

Different game expansions were released:

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2007)

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (2008)

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010)

World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria (2012)

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (2014)

World of Warcraft: Legion (2016)

World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth (2018)

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