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Battle-ready axes

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Head axe German gift design inspired by the axe used in the FIFTEENTH century. The head is produced in mild steel (low carbon). Does not include the handle of wood. Traits: Inner diameter: 20 cm Outside diameter: 20 cm

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Long functional Viking ax manufactured by the prestigious Cold Steel house. The blade is 1055 steel with high carbon content and measures about 25 cm. long. Formerly, the long point of the ax was used to stab, cut or...
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Functional ax throwing fight manufactured in carbon steel and leather handle. The ax is a tool with a metal blade securely fixed to a wooden handle ax typical use is for cutting but in the past was used as a weapon of...
Viking ax manufactured by the prestigious Hanwei house. The Viking ax was capable of breaking helms or armor without mercy. The head of our replica is made of hardened steel with an aged appearance. p>
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Tomahawk strong and resistant with sheet cms. that allows to be sharpened easily. The rounded shape allows you to comfortably hold your wooden handle. Ideal for recreationalists. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®.
Long functional ax with forged head in 1055 steel with high carbon content. The handle is made of ash wood. Thanks to its great reach, this ax equaled the battle between a foot soldier and a medieval knight. I become...
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Ax of medieval hunter. This ax has A thick wooden shaft to prevent the ax from slipping out when riding. The steel ax head grasps securely to the hardwood handle. Made of high carbon steel by craftsmen. span>
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Viking francisca ax. This exclusive ax was used by the Vikings and until medieval times. It is perfect for launching by its solid steel head and robust wood shaft.
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Replica Viking ax showing an elaborate Viking dragon knot design. It has the perfect size to carry in the hand along with a shield in a combat. The decorated head is made of hardened steel and the handle is made of...
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This Axe Death Dealer is forged by hand in steel of high carbon. Takes a handle, slightly curved in genuine wood. Sheet of aged look hand finished. A certificate of Authenticity. Includes wall bracket decorated with...
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Axe Medieval Horseman with handle in wood. The curved blade in the shape of a wedge, coupled with the curved shaft allows you to perform an arc cutting very powerful that could cut through the chainmail and severely...
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Axe short of a double-edged blade model Faucet Winged with a sharp tip on its head. All of the ax is blackened to simulate a finish of midnight. A handle wrapped in suede allows for a firm grip.
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Axe of Orc-forged by hand in steel with high carbon content with a finish of burnished and edge cracked. The handle is wooden with a leather cord and tassels hanging from braided.
Axe Elf with an elegant head in the shape of a half moon curve to the handle that has a texture of wood. This axe is made to be effective in battles in the middle distance. The head has a long edge and curved of 70...
The axe gothic, Epic Armoury is an axe mortal of 90 cm designed for skillful hands. Has a sheet of 28 cm, with a claw curve and a point for a fight versatile. The head is hand painted to look like metal, and is...
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The axe was the weapon of hand-chosen by the medieval knight, especially during the crusades. This weapon is rugged, features a large blade, expertly sharpened, which is perforated with a large cross. The sheet has...
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