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Viking throwing spearhead (45 cm.)
Viking throwing spearhead (45 cm.)

Viking throwing spearhead (45 cm.)

Get ready to emulate the bravery and skill of ancient Viking warriors with our Viking Throwing Spearhead! Hand-forged from durable, high-carbon steel by the master gunsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts®, this formidable weapon is much more than just an accessory; It is a symbol of Viking power and tradition.

Featured Features:

  • Viking Heritage: Inspired by the traditions of the northern peoples, this throwing spearhead represents the essence of Viking culture and their legacy of courage and determination on the battlefield.
  • Hand-forged from heavy-duty steel: Made from high-quality materials, this spearhead offers exceptional strength and combat-proven durability, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Designed to mount to a 2cm diameter wooden handle (not included), this spearhead is easy to assemble and compatible with a wide variety of handles, allowing you to customize your weapon to your preferences and needs. .

Technical specifications:

  • Total length of 45 cm: With a compact but powerful size, this spearhead is handy enough to be used as a throwing weapon or as a pike in close combat.
  • 24 cm width: Designed to offer effective penetration into the target, this spearhead guarantees lethal precision with every throw.
  • 850g Weight: Balanced and easy to handle, this spearhead provides shocking force and impressive speed in the air, ensuring devastating results against your enemies.

Become a true Viking warrior and honor tradition with our Viking Throwing Spearhead! Whether for display, historical reenactment, or simply adding a touch of authenticity to your collection, this legendary weapon will take you back to the era of the ancient Norse with every release.

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850 gr.
45 cm.
24 cm.

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