Encyclopedia of Spanish Swords in 2...
Encyclopedia of Spanish Swords in 2...
Encyclopedia of Spanish Swords in 2...
Encyclopedia of Spanish Swords in 2...

Encyclopedia of Spanish Swords in 2 volumes, 2022 Edition

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Spanish swords with the definitive encyclopedia in 2 volumes, 2022 edition! This valuable compendium, written by the expert Vicente Toledo Momparler, covers from the year 2000 BC to the present, offering you a journey through centuries of tradition and courage.

Discover more than 800 full-color pages that will take you on an exciting journey through the world of swords, sabers, and machetes, both for military and civilian use. With color photographs and detailed descriptions, this encyclopedia is a masterpiece that pays homage to the most emblematic weapons in Spanish history.

Sword names and titles are presented in both Spanish and English, giving you a global focus on the study and appreciation of these iconic pieces. From ancient swords to contemporary designs, you will find a wide range of weapons that have forged the identity of Spanish culture throughout the ages.

Bound in a hardcover and sewn with vegetable thread, this compendium is a testament to quality and durability, ensuring that this masterpiece will endure over time as a priceless treasure for lovers of history and weapons.

With Vicente Toledo Momparler as the author, you can trust that you are acquiring a solid and expert source of knowledge in the field of Spanish swords. His dedication and passion for the subject is reflected on every page, offering you an unrivaled experience studying these priceless relics.

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Chad R.  -   (New York, United States)
Bothe volumes are great. I bought Espadas Espanolas from you a couple years ago. Please inform me of any books of arms and armor you have for sale. Gracias

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