Create your Own Custom Combat Sword
Create your Own Custom Combat Sword
Create your Own Custom Combat Sword
Create your Own Custom Combat Sword
Create your Own Custom Combat Sword

Create your Own Custom Combat Sword

Welcome to the world of legends! With our Personalized Combat Sword, you will become the hero or heroine you always dreamed of. Our master craftsmen from Toledo, Spain, will deploy their magic to create a unique sword, tailored to you and according to your desires. It's time to mark your destiny in history!

Features of your Personalized Combat Sword:

  • Create your unique design: With us, you have the power to bring the sword of your dreams to life. Choose between different types of pommel, handle, guard, blade (matte or polished) , sheath and sharpening. There will be no other sword like yours in the whole world, it will reflect your essence and personality.
  • Elite Craftsmanship: Our Toledo master craftsmen are renowned for their legendary skill in sword forging. Every hammer blow, every hand-sculpted detail, guarantees unsurpassed quality in your personalized sword.
  • High carbon steel: The blade of your sword will be forged from high carbon steel, the material preferred by the most feared warriors. This means that you will get a strong, sharp-edged and durable sword that will not let you down.
  • Perfect Size: With a total length of 101cm, our sword fits comfortably in your hand, giving you exceptional control with every movement. The blade, with its 84.5 cm, gives you the ideal balance between agility and cutting power.
  • Ergonomic handle: The handle, with its 11.7 cm long, has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand. Nothing will distract you as you swing your sword towards victory.
  • Precision blade: The width of the blade at the guard is 5 cm, while at the tip it narrows to 3 cm. This provides greater stability at the base and a sharp tip for precise lunges.
  • Functional sword (Category C): Functional sword that, due to its manufacturing characteristics, pointed blade and tempered carbon steel blades; some sharp and some not, they are considered functional, but not suitable for use in combat or with other weapons. They are pieces exclusively for collectors, museums or professionals who can use them alone in non-contact training.

Remember, as this is a unique and personalized creation, once the order is placed, no changes can be made. So make sure you select every detail carefully to get the sword you've always dreamed of.


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Blade edge
132.23 €

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Product variants

Reference Combination name Quantity Availability Price Volume discounts
254940001 Scabbard: Brown, Blade edge: NO 0 ? 181.82 € not available
254940002 Scabbard: Brown, Blade edge: YES 0 ? 198.35 € not available
254940003 Scabbard: Black, Blade edge: NO 0 ? 181.82 € not available
254940004 Scabbard: Black, Blade edge: YES 0 ? 198.35 € not available
254940006 Scabbard: No, Blade edge: YES 0 ? 148.76 € not available
254940005 Scabbard: No, Blade edge: NO 0 ? 132.23 € not available

Ratings and comments from our customers

Guest  -  
Why is this not available to uk

Since Brexit, customs are not allowing swords to be sent. We're sorry.

James T.  -   (London, United Kingdom)
Great quality sword and great customer service :)
Peter B.  -   (Selby, United Kingdom)
Fantastic choice of components and great quality. I definitely recommend having a sword that really is your own

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