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Albainox brand field knife fantasy...

Albainox brand field knife fantasy Damascus blade (20 cm.)

Discover elegance and functionality with the Albainox brand field knife, with an impressive 73-layer fantasy Damascus blade. This knife is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, combining style and performance to offer you a reliable tool in any situation. Here are some features that make this knife exceptional:

  • 73-layer fantasy Damascus blade: The blade of this knife is carefully crafted with 73-layer Damascus steel, with a unique pattern that makes it stand out and adds a touch of fantasy to your field equipment.
  • Elegant Design: With a wood handle and a 73-layer fancy Damascus finish, this knife is a work of art in itself, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor adventures.
  • Robust construction: Made with a 2.90 mm thick blade and a liner lock locking system, this knife offers durability and security to face any challenge in nature.
  • Added functionality: Weighing 145g and a total length of 20.00cm, this knife is easy to carry and handle, while the integrated clip makes it convenient to take with you on your outdoor excursions.

From its design to its performance, the Albainox brand field knife with fantasy Damascus blade is an exceptional choice for lovers of nature and adventure. Get yours and take your outdoor experience to the next level!

37.13 €

short time Tiempo de fabricación: 1 SEMANA

142 g.
Material hoja
Damasco 73 capas
Material mango
Grosor hoja
2.90 mm.
20 cm.
Longitud Hoja
8.50 cm.
Longitud Mango
11.50 cm.

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