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Gladius sword type Mainz functional Condor brand. Made with 1075 Carbon steel blade and walnut wood handle with leather covering. It comes sharp. Includes scabbard made of walnut wood with rustic metallic finishes.
Valhalla functional Viking pitcher. Made with 1060 carbon steel sheet with heat treatment that gives it a hardness of 50-55 HRC. Handle in treated wood. It includes sheet cover in brown leather.
Condor brand India ax made from high carbon steel sheet 1060 and treated thermally tempered with a hardness of 50-55 HRC. The blade is handcrafted with a hammer finish. giving it a classic and improved look. Handle in...
Launches functional model Asmat made by Condor. This is a powerful tool and awesome to have when you're wandering around the nature. There is No doubt that you will feel safe with this weapon. The blade is made of...
Throwing ax Francisca de Condor. The throwing ax Francisca is a light and precise tool, like the one used by the Franks. Hand forged, made from 1060 high carbon steel and mounted on a short curved wooden handle making...
Indian ax Condor model El Chaparrón. It is a sturdy and reliable ax that measures 58 cm in total. Its head is forged from 1060 high carbon steel with a natural finish. The smooth hickory handle is comfortable,...
It was time for the Condor to make a Sword Falchion. After all, the style falchion is, in essence, a cross between a machete and a sword. With this version, do not skimp on expenses, working hard to make sure that the...
Ax Condor The Explorer, with sheath. Its light weight and utility make it a great choice for weight-conscious backpackers. This little scouting ax is likely to become your cutting tool for overnight camping trips and...
Rustic ax Condor Greenland model. It features a forged 1060 high carbon steel blade with a Condor Classic finish, which gives it a rustic look. The 16 '' hardwood handle is made from American walnut for maximum...
Viking Battle Ax Valhalla of Condor. The ax head is made from 1060 high carbon forged steel and is heat treated and annealed to a Rockwell hardness of approximately 50-55. The natural finish is a bare metal look that...
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