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Swords chinese

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Mandoble model Jian Swallow. It is a sword that can be used with one hand or two and features a flexible blade and a balance suitable for the practice of martial arts. The brass finishes are a perfect complement to...
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Sword China Swallow for one hand and practice of martial arts. Flexible and well-balanced. Blade in carbon steel, guard and pommel latonados and grip resistant. Includes sheath made of wood.
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In response to requests from Wushu practitioners swords with ultra flexible blades, Hanwei house has had a long and flexible blade. With a sheet of spring steel tapering to almost paper thin on top, it is very light...

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Shoge steel chain and ring. Long chain: 2 mts. Ring diameter: 15 cms. Used almost exclusively by the ninjas, the kyoketsu-shoge has a multitude of technical applications.
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Sword Hsu Jian Chinese martial arts to Tai Chi. Made with sheet with high content in carbon steel and protective style Ming. Available in various sizes. Manufactured by Hanwei.
Couple butterfly knives made of steel in Toledo (Spain). China has been the most popular weapon because they are effective, more convenient to carry a sword or katana and fighting techniques learned more easily.
China range with foil and wood handle. Gama was a tool of the field in ancient China that eventually became a weapon used in martial arts. Probably you have seen in pairs in movies but actually used individually.
Dao sword China. A faithful replica of the original sheet with high carbon steel, great balance and good grip on its hilt. Wood sheath with brass brackets.
Cass Jian Sword Hanwei. With Damascus steel blade, hand-forged and well balanced, with meticulous finishes and traditional Chinese design. Wooden handle and leather sheath bronze finishes.
Espada China Wushu Kung Fu, lightweight and fast, also known as water song, because it has a sheet high in Ultra-Flexible carbon produces a very audible vibration sheet.
Short sword Jian ideal for the combat LARP. The design is based on the sword classic that has been used for over 2500 years in China. The blade is hand-painted colour steel and mie 62 cms. Manufactured with materials...
Sword chinese combat. There are very few swords are more effective than the sword of war china of two hand forged by Cold Steel. The blade is forged in steel 1060 high carbon content. Each sword is sharp to hand and...
Couple of Knives, butterfly wrought by the presigiosa home Cold Steel. In China has been the weapon more popular because they are effective, more comfortable to carry than a sword or a katana and his fighting...
Sword Gim Functional, ideal for collectors and practitioners of chinese martial arts. Blade forged of steel with high carbon content, 1060, and treated by experts. Comes SHARP. The guard and pommel are traditional and...
Sword Gim Functional, ideal for collectors and practitioners of chinese martial arts. Blade forged in steel on steel Damascus with double-edged blade, wide and heavy which gives it a perfect balance. Comes SHARP. The...
Cane, look wood, of Monk Shaolin ideal for LARP. This cane look wood features two handles metal casings similar to the leather to provide a grip more firm to the user and yet be comfortable for walking. Its shaft is...
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