• New Catalogue - Medieval Costumes 2013-2014


    New Collection 2014. Medieval period and for women, men and kids costumes. 

  •  Swords made ​​with the warranty seal - MADE IN TOLEDO -


    Swords made ​​with the warranty seal - MADE IN TOLEDO -

  • Marto


    Since 1961. Espadera craft and tradition. Swords with seal of approval "MADE IN TOLEDO

  • Art Gladius


    Swords for collectors of high quality Art Gladius seal manufactured in Toledo - Spain 

  • £ 9.84

    Letter opener sword Tizona Cid. Tizona and Colada both swords belonged to the Castilian knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, known as El Cid eleventh century. Hidalgo and Castilian warrior, leading his own army he mastered almost all the East of the Iberian Peninsula in the late eleventh century. He embodied the prototype knight with maximum strengths, strong...

    £ 9.84
  • £ 62.47

    Layer-medieval gorget made of genuine leather and adjustable Hispanic goat through a front strap. Article I handcrafted real leather and top quality.

    £ 62.47
  • £ 37.11

    Cid Tizona Sword lifesize 101 cms. Hoja.- 83 cms. Rodrigo Diaz Vivar del Cid, Burgos was a Castilian knight who came to dominate the front of his own retinue the Levant in the Iberian Peninsula in the late eleventh century autonomously with respect to the authority of any king. He managed to conquer Valencia and settled in this city an independent...

    £ 37.11
  • £ 27.75

    Apply medieval artisan made in forging. 1 Light. Height 33 cms. Includes socket and power cord. Handmade.

    £ 27.75
  • £ 88.09

    Caparisoned horse medieval tournament, Color: black white vertical. Made from 100% cotton, with Templar Cross design hindquarters. One size fits all.

    £ 88.09
  • £ 16.13

    Tsuba for Katana, made Marugata Naga style burnished iron.

    £ 16.13
  • £ 53.57

    Medieval woman dressed in yellow. Dress with long sleeves that perfectly complements the Brial Magpie. Made of viscose-linen.

    £ 53.57
  • £ 27.33

    Leather bracelet made of 3.5 mm thick. Ability to perform them in black, light brown, dark green brown red. Measures arm; 20 Cnt doll. 25 Cent. Antebrado 23 Cent. 30 Cent. 24 Cent bracelet length. Price per couple.

    £ 27.33
  • £ 28.50

    Roman, Functional for LARP, roleplay live recreations, etc. Sword Made of strong latex coating. Total length: 75 cms.

    £ 28.50
  • £ 8.96

    Armero desktop black lacquered wood for 1 katana (not including katana).

    £ 8.96
  • £ 17.48

    Dagger Eagle with sheet stainless steel etched brassed guard and pommel and wood handle. LANKY.- 30.5 cms. Includes metal scabbard with gilded carvings.

    £ 17.48
  • £ 39.05

    Knight bracelet made in leather and fastened with three straps. Measures arm; 20 Cnt doll. 25 Cent. Antebrado 23 Cent. 30 Cent. 19 Cent bracelet length. Includes pair of bracelets. Ability to make special arrangements, please contact us.

    £ 39.05


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