• New Catalogue - Medieval Costumes 2013-2014


    New Collection 2014. Medieval period and for women, men and kids costumes. 

  •  Swords made ​​with the warranty seal - MADE IN TOLEDO -


    Swords made ​​with the warranty seal - MADE IN TOLEDO -

  • Marto


    Since 1961. Espadera craft and tradition. Swords with seal of approval "MADE IN TOLEDO

  • Art Gladius


    Swords for collectors of high quality Art Gladius seal manufactured in Toledo - Spain 

  • 13,10 €

    Supports katanas silver hanging wall. Includes 2 brackets with screws and dowels.

    13,10 €
  • 34,74 €

    Dagger blade decorated with a drawing of a spider. Stainless steel sheet. 18 cms. and overall length of 35.5 cm. Includes wooden tray.

    34,74 €
  • 245,00 €

    Peto recorded for armor. It is not practical for people. The breastplate is part of medieval armor and its mission is critical because it protects the fighter's chest.

    245,00 €
  • 26,00 €

    The medieval Knights Templar cross kick and cushion. Size: 50x50 cms. Material: Polyester. Does not include filler.

    26,00 €
  • 57,18 €

    Cid Tizona Sword special wedding. . A classic as a gift on the wedding day The price includes a custom text laser engraved on one side includes the standard text on the other side. RDO. OUR LINK. Available in Natural size, Cadet or infatil and in several finishes. Long Natural.- 103 cms. Long Cadete.- 76 cms. To add custom text go to tab: CUSTOM

    57,18 €
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  • 157,50 €

    Colt detective special revolver trigger I blued. Calibre 9 mm. RK Sleeps 6 shots. Double action. Length: 175 mm. Weight: 640 g.

    157,50 €
  • 64,49 €

    Medieval crossbow made of iron and natural wood, all aged together. Although the mechanism works, it is NOT functional. Includes an arrow (Comes with bow disassembled for easy transport)

    64,49 €
  • 49,48 €

    Tizona del Cid Colada Sword hilt with silver finish and engraved on the blade. Available in various sizes. Depending on the size of the sheet screen printing is different. Infantil.- 11x6x56 cm. Cadete.- 14x7x76 cm. Natural.- 18x9x100 cms.

    49,48 €
  • 71,79 €

    Full palm wood bow for children and older experienced. Suitable for right and left handed. Includes bow, string, one target, 6 shooting arrows and instructions. CAUTION!, Is NOT a juguete¡ Use only under adult supervision.

    71,79 €
  • 66,64 €

    The Spangenhelm hulls (German Spangen, which refers to the metal strips, and that means helmet helm), appear to extend from Europe because Persian influence. Even with his penchant for striped design and reinforcements, it becomes a common helmet from the sixth century to the early tenth century Gradually Spangenhelm were replaced by helmets bald one...

    66,64 €
  • 51,84 €

    Dragon Wakizashi with black-gold scabbard. 440 Stainless Steel Sheet.

    51,84 €
  • 90,00 €

    Medieval Costume Knight of the Order of the Dominican Monks. The suit is black and includes tunic, scapular and hooded capelet. The costume is made of 100% cotton.

    90,00 €


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