• New Catalogue - Medieval Costumes 2013-2014


    New Collection 2014. Medieval period and for women, men and kids costumes. 

  • Art Gladius


    Swords for collectors of high quality Art Gladius seal manufactured in Toledo - Spain 

  • Marto


    Since 1961. Espadera craft and tradition. Swords with seal of approval "MADE IN TOLEDO

  • 13,78 €

    Mounting gold fleur de lis wall. Includes 2 brackets with screws and anchors.

    13,78 €
  • 799,00 €

    Stop with medieval iron structure with roof 100% acrylic fabric, waterproof unsurpassed colorfastness, weather and putrefaction. High resistance to breaking strength. The 2 sides are independent. Ideal for craftsmen and traders in medieval markets. Very practical and easy to assemble, disassemble and transport (available in different colors).

    799,00 €
  • 129,00 €

    Lux Shirasaya Japanese martial arts. All parts of real buffalo horn. The blade steel is AISI 1060 high carbon content - The Katana comes with a black cotton bag. A shirasaya is a sheet consisting of Japanese sword in a sheath or saya or tsuka and a handle, used when the blade is not going to be used for a while and needs to be stored.

    129,00 €
  • 29,50 €

    Medieval shirt Hattin model with 100% cotton fabric. The shirt comes in lace cuff and neck and is available in 3 colors (Black, White and Maroon). Renaissance is a shirt, and you can wear alone or under other clothing.

    29,50 €
  • 55,00 €

    Flag red and white quartered Castile and Leon with rampant for decoration on medieval markets, historical reenactment, castles, LARP etc. Size Lion -.. 60x135 cms.

    55,00 €
  • 153,10 €

    M16A1 assault rifle, USA 1967 (Vietnam War). It is a decorative piece. It was first deployed for jungle warfare operations in South Vietnam in 1963.

    153,10 €
  • 18,63 €

    Framework for historical vestiges. It is the suitable for hanging on the wall this collection of 6 historical traces framework Templar NOT INCLUDED -.. Footprint.

    18,63 €
  • 61,71 €

    Eagle Templar with armor made of metal and wood stand. The measurements are 14 x 14 x 42 cms. Weight 1,120 g.

    61,71 €


New products

  • Leggings flower straps high
    Leggings flower straps high

    Leggings made in calfskin and fastened by straps to mid-thigh. Are also...

    139,15 €
  • Tiara decorated skin
    Tiara decorated skin

    Tiara made with metallic leather trim. Adjustable drawstring behind the...

    12,10 €
  • Diadema Knight
    Diadema Knight

    Diadema medieval knight. Made of leather with metallic trim. It is...

    12,10 €
  • Zombie Mask
    Zombie Mask

    Full Mask Zombie. Made of good quality latex. Approximate head size:...

    67,00 €
  • Carnal Orc Mask
    Carnal Orc Mask

    Orc Mask Carnal brown. Made of good quality latex. Approximate head...

    67,00 €
  • Brains Zombie Mask
    Brains Zombie Mask

    Mask Zombie brains. Made of good quality latex. Approximate head size:...

    67,00 €

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