• New Catalogue - Medieval Costumes 2013-2014


    New Collection 2014. Medieval period and for women, men and kids costumes. 

  • Art Gladius


    Swords for collectors of high quality Art Gladius seal manufactured in Toledo - Spain 

  • Marto


    Since 1961. Espadera craft and tradition. Swords with seal of approval "MADE IN TOLEDO

  • 26,57 €

    Cid Colada Sword made in Toledo (Spain), with stainless steel sheet and antique gold finishes. Available in several sizes. Children -. 56 cms. Cadet -. 76 cms. Natural -. 100 cms.

    26,57 €
  • 269,00 €

    Saito Katana practice for intermediate sheet steel AISI 1060 high carbon content. DAMASCADO. The katana comes in a black briefcase with a silk bag and table stand.

    269,00 €
  • 21,78 €

    Handmade bag made of black suede belt with cover and different skin, average capacity of 20 x 20 centimeters, very practical and nice to supplement medieval costumes or just to wear something out of the ordinary, and can be placed in any type of belt.

    21,78 €
  • 20,16 €

    Foil shell with carbon steel blade and rustic finish. The foil is a long flexible sword. Available in several sizes. Cadet -. 80 cms. Natura -. 102 cms.

    20,16 €
  • 48,00 € 60,00 €

    Medieval suede with mesh layer (several colors to choose)

    48,00 € 60,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 48,38 €

    French Pirate Pistol, XVIII century

    48,38 €
  • 29,40 €

    Venetian mask pearl necklace. Made of resin decorated. Venetian masks emerged as protecting the identity of the carrier and are now merely artistic and cultural representation of this emblematic city. We sense that first appeared around the ninth century, as an act of rebellion against the social constraints of the Republic of La Serenissima. Preserving...

    29,40 €
  • 32,23 €

    Figure of the Greek goddess Athena in resin. Dimensions: 14 x 23 x 30 cm. Athena also known as Pallas Athena is, in Greek mythology, the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strategy, crafts, justice and skill. One of the principal deities of the Greek pantheon and one of the twelve gods of Olympus, Athena is worshiped throughout ancient Greece and...

    32,23 €
  • 29,00 €

    Banner of the Knights Hospitallers with embroidered cross. Measures (61 x 106 cm.). Made of 100% Cotton. Decor medieval markets, historical reenactment, castles, LARP etc.. It's called the hospital orders religosas orders were intended to support and care for travelers, pilgrims, poor and sick. The oldest of which was founded in Siena in the late ninth...

    29,00 €
  • 50,71 €

    Leather holster for 2 revolvers. Suitable for long gun.

    50,71 €
  • 64,11 €

    Dragoon revolver, manufactured by S. Colt, USA 1848. Dragoon percussion revolver is a .44 caliber designed for the cavalry of the United States of America, also called dragons. This revolver was designed as a solution to the numerous problems that existed in the Walker model. Although it was submitted after the Mexican-American War, it became popular...

    64,11 €
  • 52,00 €

    Banner Cross and Templar shield, finished in double peak. Size -. 60x135 cm. You can choose simple (with design only on one side) or double (with design on both sides).    Material: Polyester. Decor medieval markets, historical reenactment, castles, LARP etc..

    52,00 €


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