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French briquet saber from the Napoleonic era, the nineteenth century

Saber briquet French Napoleonic times, XIX century. The saber is a curved, single-edged blade, designed for cutting, commonly used in cavalry officers in the nineteenth century and twentieth. The curved nature of the difference traditionally saber blade of the sword.


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This knife is cut and arose from the need for speed in combat. This is achieved by cutting and not let the blade of the weapon embedded in the body of the opponent (unlike most one-handed swords, which are thrust).

Cutlass of the marine francesaLa curvature, which is usually located from the tip to the middle of sable, generates a deep pit.

The curvature of the sword seeks to achieve, in theory, that a man on horseback, by downloading the arm with this weapon, draw a large circle on the infant and after that at the point of cutting saber always tangent. For this reason there is driven, short, thereby increasing the wound without getting stuck. For this reason, cavalry sabers designed to have a large curvature, are nearly circular. The infantry intended to have a lesser curvature, because the defensive function importance should be attached: keep away the enemy and stop his punches.


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77 cms.
Blade: Zamak. Pod: Wood covered in leather
Made in
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