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Miniature knight Templar with sword

Miniature of a knight Templar with sword. The figure is crafted in hand painted resin and measures 12 cm


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After the Council of Clermont in 1096, there developed a movement of faithful, adventurers, monks, nobles, and commoners who moved from the west to the territories occupied by the infidels in the east. This took its name in the chronicles of the crusades.

The ultimate goal, at least in its intentions, was to liberate the Holy Sepulchre and commit it to christian hands. And for a short period of time, this work was successful.

And for this purpose they were born a series of orders of knights monastics, which combined the force of the sword, with the tenacity of faith. The templars, the hospitallers, the jerusalemitas, but also the teutons (to the north), they had a pecking order, a well-established and uniform marked with symbols unmistakable, which allowed them to be recognized even in the focal point of the battle.

Even the warriors individual, which did not come within the hierarchies of the military groups, they had their coats marked by crosses, more or less large and varied, to reveal all the ultimate goal of his intentions; For this reason, all of them could be indicated with the generic name of the crusaders.

The Middle Ages dedicated to these, and to all lovers of this historical period, this collection of warriors of resin, decorated with care and made in models historically existing.


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20 cm.
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