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Pendant small cross of troll of iron, twisted

Pendant small cross of troll of iron, twisted. This pendant cross of trolls is hand forged from a continuous piece of iron. The top is very well twisted and the ends are rolled. The surface is left in its natural state to preserve its rustic character. The origin of the cross troll (in Swedish: trollkors), commonly considered as a protective sign of the old folklore scandinavian, is a highly debated topic.

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As there is virtually no archaeological evidence of their roots, there are many speculations and uncertainties about whether it is a symbol of genuine real Age Viking / Middle Age or not.

The cross of troll presumably dates back to an ancient popular custom that is widespread in much of Scandinavia. It is said that the crosses of trolls made of iron were placed on the entrance doors, the windows and doors of barns to protect people, livestock and the houses of the crafty trolls, magic, evil, ghosts, diseases and all sorts of dangers. Because of its shape, the cross of a troll at times is associated with the rune Odal or Othala of the Elder Futhark (alphabet runic oldest), which means heritage and the heritage / inheritance, but here again there are no sources documented and verifiable for this assumption.

Although the cross of troll is based obviously on a tradition, or popular belief, its form as we know it today (circular, cross at the bottom) as well as its use as a pendant or amulet / talisman of luck are quite contemporary. It was not until the end of the 1990s that a blacksmith Swedish designed a pendant with this particular form, which quickly gained great popularity. Today, the cross of troll iron is a talisman protector popular among the community of germanic neo-pagan (among others Ásatrú).

It is possible that this cross of troll does not have the historical relevance and the authenticity of a mjölnir norse (Thor's hammer), but it is still an excellent piece of jewelry. Whether it be in medieval markets, meetings, viking, events, recreation, or simply in the modern daily life, both men and women can enhance your outfit with this beautiful piece of art of blacksmithing. And with some crossings troll placed cleverly, who has a fear of trolls, goblins, and other creatures can make your home a safe place!

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