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Board game Rise to Nobility (In Spanish)

In Rise to Nobility, between 2 and 6 pCloaks to become landowners in the fantasy world that you created Final Frontier with Cavern Tavern. Immersed in a newly founded city, and with the threat of war still hanging in the horizon, they will have to figure out how to contribute to the enrichment common to the time try to prosper until you become a noble to the front of the Council of Stone.

  • Language: SPANISH
  • Age: 14 years or more
  • Duration: over an hour
  • Number of players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Rise to Nobility is a game of placement of workers (in this case dice) set in the universe of fantasy Cavern Tavern. Each pCloak becomes a landowner to charge a small piece of land in the newly created city of Cuevanueva. Salt of the anonymity, you get the title of lord and aúpate until the desired saddle of the leader of the Council of Stone.

To achieve this, improving your lands and satisfies the demands of the settlers. Give them a roof, to cover their needs, búscales a good job and help them to move from apprentices to masters of the guild. Oh and make sure you have people you trust in positions most relevant of Cuevanueva!


  • 1 main board
  • 1 board side
  • 1 board score
  • 6 boards of player
  • 48 letters from settlers
  • 13 character cards
  • 16 event cards
  • 18 cards custom
  • 6 letters of support
  • 5 letters preparation
  • 15 letters of goal
  • 48 tiles of building
  • 30 tiles of the Council of Stone
  • 18 tiles of boat
  • 30 dice
  • 104 tabs
  • 120 cubes of wood
  • 84 meeples
  • 42 wooden houses
  • 21 indicators of wood custom
  • 18 tiles given

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