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Butterfly Knives

Couple butterfly knives made of steel in Toledo (Spain). China has been the most popular weapon because they are effective, more convenient to carry a sword or katana and fighting techniques learned more easily.

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In ancient China, when used in the extended form, they could be used in the same conditions as other bladed weapons such as sword or saber, yet when invested, the distance was reduced and greater effectiveness was achieved in most places closed where the sword moved more impaired.

One of the characteristics of the butterfly knives, is having an "S" forming a protection and extending the length of the handle, to cover several centimeters over the knife. Also, the portion covering the handle protects the fingers of the person holding the knife cuts or injuries dropped by another weapon in combat.

The hook part of the guard, which stands several centimeters above the blade, allows the practitioner of Kung-Fu reverse the knife with a flick of the thumb. In this inverted position, lock knives or other weapons are used to fight in close quarters where the martial artist is not able to use their knives to its fullest extent.


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49 cm.
Made in
Toledo (Spain)

Ratings and comments from our customers

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