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Classic Rapier Sword

This Rapier is light and fast. Manufactured with a high carbon steel blade. Pod included. The exceptional design of the hilt is truly a work of art, and was used for hundreds of years. Exceptional Rapier, not only for its exquisite beauty.

This Rapier is a replica of an original from the Hank Reinhardt Collection. This sword shows one of the most graceful and sublime designs in a period in which two swords were not made exactly the same (There were often tremendous differences between the Rapiers because there were many masters very skilled in the manufacture of the blades and handles. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

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£184.95 £205.50
Blade edge

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Windlass Steel Crafts

Data sheet

112 cms.
907 gr.
Blade long
91 cms.
Reference Attributes Quantity Price
095440001 Blade edge: NO; 0
095440002 Blade edge: SI; 0
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