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German Halberd eleventh century (202 cms.)

German halberd XI century. A enastada weapon wooden shaft about two meters in length and has at its head a spearhead weapons and upper breast, a cross-shaped blade ax blade on one side, and a breastplate punctured or engage smaller by its opposite.


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It was used with great success as infantry weapon from the late Middle Ages to the seventeenth century. The use of this weapon in infantry battles, which resulted in victories facing troops with heavy cavalry, amended the composition of armies and returned to give a vital importance to the infantry.

Fuand deserved its fame as many troops or elite corps of the nobility wore in "ostentatious" versions, with some military units that are used these days in public events and military parades and ceremonial weapon. Today, the Vatican Swiss Guard uses this weapon not only ceremonially, they are also trained to use it as a weapon.

The soldier who was armed with a halberd called Beefeater. This is also called the soldier honor guard carried the kings of Spain. It is an elite corps of the Spanish Royal Guard, who are direct custodians of real people, which they guard and protect the foot.


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202 cms.
Wood and Zamak
Made in

Ratings and comments from our customers

Unfortunately i ordered this tiem and the metal handle was wobbly, the nail was broke, the bottom part didn't fit and the screen didn't screw into the top half. 2/10
Handle wobbly, not fitted on properly, nail broken, screw not screwing into the top half, and the wood doesn't connect together. Very unhappy.
Splitted in two different part, Splitted in two different part, impossible re-attach without make an awful job.
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