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Roman helmet Montefortino, S. III-I.C

Replica of the Roman helmet Montefortino used from the third century to the I century a.C. A galea was the helmet of a roman soldier. The shape or exact design of the helmet varied significantly over time, so that there was not a single model even in the Roman Empire. Originally, the helmets romans were influenced by the neighbouring etruscans, who used the hulls of the type 'Nasua'. The greeks in the south also influenced the design of the first helmets romans. There is similarity of form and function between them as is evident in the archaeological findings. It is one size.


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The helmet of Montefortino is a type of military helmet celtic and roman used since the third Century. C. to the Century I. it is named after the region of Montefortino in Ancona, Italy, where they have found several copies.

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