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Cap Conquistador acid etching

Cap Conquistador with acid etched decorations and golden. It is an excellent Cap Conquistador of the Exclusive Collection of 'Caps Historic'. Includes the certificate of Origin and Quality 'Made in Toledo'. Hand-made, one-to-one, by master craftsmen from Marto.

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The Knights of Castile of century XVI wore a type of cap known as helmet, somewhat conical, and with a crest almost cutting. It had a wide brim, raised and abarquillada that ended in a tip in front and behind, and the summit or topmost was curved.

Although the helmet it was used, particularly the infantry or pawns, why not let you take it the knights and notables because of being lighter than the helmet and leave the face uncovered in order to breathe more easily.

Associated popularly only to the thirds Century Spanish Gold and the Conquerors of America, the helmet was used in most of the european countries in the SIXTEENTH and SEVENTEENTH centuries.

The helmet was a helmet in the shape of half an almond to make slip shock. In the thirds Spanish was part of the defensive team of boobies and streltsov. Currently it employs the Swiss Guard of the Vatican.


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Stainless steel
33 cms.
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