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Protections padded legs, S. XI-XIV

Protections padded to the top of the legs. Available in two colours and several sizes. Are a few protections with a design inspired by the models worn by the crusaders. They have a leather reinforcement on the area of the knees. Crafted in cotton.

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Sizes Girth top (cm) Girth bottom (cm) Long (kr.)
SIZE - M 62,5 43,75 37,5
SIZE - L 64,25 45 38,75
SIZE - XL 66,25 46,25 40
SIZE - XXL 68 47,5 41

Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)

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Reference Attributes Quantity Price
120510001 Color: Crude; Size: L; 0
120510002 Color: Crude; Size: M; 0
120510003 Color: Crude; Size: XL; 0
120510004 Color: Crude; Size: XXL; 0
120510005 Color: Black; Size: L; 0
120510006 Color: Black; Size: M; 0
120510007 Color: Black; Size: XL; 0
120510008 Color: Black; Size: XXL; 0
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