Sword fantastic Glamdring


Sword fantastic Glamdring in rustic finish. Stainless steel sheet and handle in leather. Made in Toledo by the prestigious house of espaderos, José Luis Rubio. Long.- 119 cms.

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The name 'Glamdring' is a compound word in sindarin, Elrond translated as 'Hammer of enemies', although the term glam is more specific and refers to glamhoth, 'the horde shrill', that is to say, the orcs.

It was forged by the elven king Turgon of Gondolin, one of the High Kings of the Noldor. It was the sword's twin Orcrist, the weapon of Ecthelion of the Fountain, Captain of the city. The sword disappeared after the fall of Gondolin, at the end of the First Age of the Sun of Arda, being discovered in the Third Age by Gandalf,Bilbo Bolsón and the company of dwarves (as in The hobbit) in a cave of trolls, as part of a treasure whose origin could be in the sack of Gondolin. Next to her appeared a short sword (relative to size hobbit; the elves the would be considered a dagger) also elven, Gandalf gave Bilbo, who, in the course of the adventure she was appointed as a Stinger or Dart. Glamdring had the ability to shine in the proximity of the orcs, as all the swords of invoice elven. Gandalf the waved throughout the War of the Ring. At the end of this you have opted to leave it in the care of Aragorn, the king Elessar, as part of his inheritance, before departing for the Lands Undying of Valinor.

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Long119 cms.
Weight2300 gr.
Blade long95 cms.
Made inToledo (España)

Made in Toledo

Made in Toledo-SpainMade in Toledo-Spain

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