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Staff of Gandalf the Grey, the Lord of The Rings

Staff of Gandalf the Grey from the trilogy of the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. This is an official replica 1:1 size. Includes a glass lit on the top to illuminate your forays through the Middle-Earth.


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Gandalf is an old and powerful magician who exerts a great influence in the Council of Elrond, which examines the possibility that Sauron could retrieve the Ring Only to exploit their power for evil. Gandalf the Grey has a stick of wood, which was captured by Saruman in Isengard, after the clash with the Balrog. After escaping the dark realm, Gandalf reappears as Gandalf the White, and brings with it a new strap, that will help you to carry out your task of defeating the evil. The object is decorated with a crown reminiscent of the elves and contains a great power, which the Mage also be used to free king Theoden from the power of Saruman. Next to the faithful Glamdring, this object will always accompany you.

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185 cm.
3.12 Kg.
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