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Gladiator Sword, Roman, first century AD

Sword of gladiator, Roman, first century AD Gladius is the Roman term for the sword. Today it applies to the typical sword of Ancient Rome used by legions. It had a length of about half a meter wide and straight, double-edged blade. gladius derives from the word gladiator.


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Roman gladius were adapted from the short swords used by the Celts mercenaries (hispaniensis gladius) in the service of Hannibal during the Punic Wars. These were the kind of Iberian falcatas or swords called "antenna" celtíberas; very practical for attacks initiative since being small and light you could launch an attack very quickly, especially lunges, for they had a long point, although they could also be used slashing, because they had both ways. The Spanish original swords were measured for each person made in high quality iron, it was a special way, resulting in high quality weapons. The purpose of using this effective weapon, considered the best sword that ever lived from the practical and strategic level, and most deaths caused in ancient times, was marked by the Middle Kingdom. The gladius constituted improved by changing falcata metal, which made lighter. The gladius is designed for quick lunge attacks. This was very handy as the Roman legionary who had guarded the sword after a scutum; once the enemy uselessly unloaded his blow on the shield or armor of the Roman, or was about to do, the Roman threw a quick thrust with agile gladius, stabbing and killing opponents. The Gladius was replaced by Spatha copied from the Germanic barbarians.


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73 cms.
Blade: Zamak
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