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Medieval Milanese mitten-type...
Medieval Milanese mitten-type...
Medieval Milanese mitten-type...

Medieval Milanese mitten-type gauntlets, 15th century - Reconditioned

Are you looking for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility? Do not look any further! These sturdy and well-designed 15th century Milanese mitten gauntlets are just what you need. Whether you are a knight on foot or mounted on horseback, this pair of gauntlets will offer you the highest level of protection and freedom of movement on the tournament field.

These gauntlets are handcrafted from 16 gauge mild steel, ensuring durability and strength. Additionally, they are lined with comfortable suede gloves, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience. With a total length of approximately 34.3 cm, these gauntlets are a perfect fit for almost anyone looking to accessorize their 15th century Milanese armor for historical reenactments or medieval events.

Not only do they offer superior protection, but they also allow for significant mobility, which is essential in sparring and tournaments. The quality craftsmanship of these gauntlets reflects attention to detail and commitment to historical authenticity. Each piece has been designed to withstand the demands of combat while providing the comfort necessary for prolonged use.

Imagine the admiration in the eyes of your teammates and rivals when they see you wearing these impressive Milanese gauntlets. Perfect for historical reenactors, actors, and Middle Ages enthusiasts, these gauntlets are not only an essential piece of equipment, but also an impressive addition to any armor collection.

Take advantage of the opportunity to own a piece of history that combines protection, mobility and authenticity. Equip yourself with these mitten-style Milanese gauntlets and stand out at any medieval tournament or event with the confidence and style of a true 15th century knight. Don't wait any longer and get them today!

-- LAST UNIT -- The right gauntlet shows an imperfection as can be seen in the photos.

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13.5 cm.
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