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Board game Dead Man's Doubloons (Spanish)

Dead Man's Doubloons in Spanish. Board game brand Tcg factory. Prepared for 2 to 5 pCloaks, with games of 30 to 45 minutes. Each participant assumes the role of a pirate captain with unique abilities and will have to travel the seas hunting for treasures.

  • Language: SPANISH
  • Age: 10 years or more
  • Duration: up to 45 minutes
  • Number of players: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Dead Man's Doubloons is a board game of programming of actions. PCloaks use a series of letters to select the actions they want to perform in the shift in course, placing three of them on the table face down. Once this is done, each player is lifting and running in order for the first of his actions, then the second and finally the third.

With that it is possible that the last of your actions are carried out in a situation totally different from that planned at the beginning!

The games are divided into two parts: In the first, the players move their captains pirate on the island, selecting the best route to reach the treasure at the top of the mountain while dodging dangers and collecting improvements. When the treasure has been unearthed, the captains returning to their ships and unleash a fierce battle on the high seas, releasing greatest hits to right-handed and sinister. Each player has a board for staff to carry to the account of the damage to his ship and the crew, in addition to the level of reputation, a meeple-wood custom for your pirate captain, and of two figures in a boat, in colour, opaque and translucent. The first represents your ship when it is in good condition...

The second is pretending to be the ghost ship when an opponent sinks your boat on the high seas. Sacks, tackles your opponents and collect as many jewels, and doubloons you can treasure. At the end of the game wins the pirate that more wealth has been managed to collect.


  • Game board
  • 6 plastic boats with solid colors. 50mm height
  • 6 boats plastic colors transparent. 50mm height
  • 6 boards personal for the players
  • 58 action cards size tarot
  • 48 tokens doubloons in cardboard
  • 20 tokens of jewelry in cardboard
  • 12 tiles to pillage
  • 12 tiles of fragments of maps
  • 10 tiles of water areas
  • 24 tiles of Landmark
  • 36 wooden discs in six different colors
  • 6 figures of captain
  • 6 letters of support, one for each player a piece of the first player of wood in the shape of a saber

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