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Board game The Legend of the Cherry tree that blooms every ten years (In Spanish)

The Legend of the Cherry tree that blooms every ten years is an amazing game of character a family with mechanical force the luck with games that last about 20 minutes.

  • Language: SPANISH
  • Age: 8 years or more
  • Duration: Up to 20 minutes
  • Number of pCloaks: 2, 3, 4

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Do you know the story about the cherry tree that blooms every ten years According to the account, there is a cherry magic that blooms only once every decade. Coinciding with the first days of spring, its branches are covered in buds at the moment they become dozens and dozens of flowers of incalculable value.

The pCloaks become collectors who will have to collect as many flowers as you can. The cherry tree is able to reward the best person to do so, granting their deepest desires. But be careful! If you are too greedy, the magic tree will be deemed unworthy and you will be without your reward.

The Cherry tree that blooms every ten years (Cherry Tree in its English version) is a game with mechanics to force the fate prepared for 2 to 4 players from 7 or 8 years of age. The players are pulling flowers out of a bag blindly, trying to follow a series of rules that allow them to harvest them as efficiently as possible. Depending on the number and color of tokens to extract, your gathering will be a success or a failure. The goal is to get the best group of chips of the flower to be the one that obtains more victory points at the end of the game.

Game components:

  • 96 plastic chips to the flower (in 5 colors)
  • 4 screens for players (iran, placing the flowers in front of or behind it, according to make the rules)
  • 1 bag beautifully illustrated
  • 3 letters of Master's degree that grant special benefits to get certain combinations of flowers
  • 1 regulation

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