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Board game of viking Raids (In Spanish)

Put yourself in charge of a drakkar, a powerful and robust viking ship, and take to the sea to discover the world, to treasure the greatest fortune possible and bring Glory to your clan. Raid is a board game-style eurogame and family character; it can enjoy both children and adults from 10 years of age and the games don't tend to spend 40 or 45 minutes.

  • Language: SPANISH
  • Age: 10 years or more
  • Duration: Up to 40 minutes
  • Number of pCloaks: 2, 3, 4

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Each pCloak controls a viking ship. Over four trips will have to select it with the more cunning as possible where to stop to gather the tiles of greater value that enable you to treasure the greatest Glory possible.

Get an extensive crew that allows you to fight against terrible monsters, to the time you buy and sell goods, you get lots of runes and equip your ship the best possible. But be careful, because the other players will do the same!

Each time that two ships coincide in the same place, he let loose a battle. Oh, send your vikings to the fight and take your tile to your opponent to be able to stay with it!

Simple rules for a eurogame family The mechanics of Raids is simple and facilitates the succession of turns quick and agile. Each turn begins to play whenever the player who is farthest behind on the world map. On your turn:

  • Collect the tile of the place in which it is your boat...
  • And then advanced to meet the boat in front... With the peculiarity of that before you move you MUST remove the tableor the tiles between him and the boat that is ahead of him in the map of the world.

The games are divided into four trips. In each trip, the players move their boats trying to claim the tiles you prefer for your strategy. When all boats have returned to the Pier, just the trip and starts a new one. At the end of the quarter, all players add up their points of Glory. That has more becomes the winner of the game.

There are several types of tile:

  • Axe, that facilitate fight against the monsters
  • Of goods that you can sell then in the ports
  • Of hearing, to pick up vikings
  • Of monster, force you to fight or to sacrifice a viking to be able to pass through them
  • Sailing, that increase in each new trip, the crew of the boat
  • Of mjollnir, runes, and banners that give victory points at the end of the game

Some components of care and high quality The box of Race is presented with a plastic insert in which all components are perfectly ordered:

  • 4 figures of boat
  • 40 figures of viking
  • 20 metal coins
  • 4 boards boat
  • 1 board of World
  • 64 Tiles of Travel
  • 9 Tiles of Pier

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