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Napoleon gun manufactured by Gribeauval, 1806

Napoleon pistol manufactured by Gribeauval, 1806


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Napoleon Bonaparte (Ajaccio, 15 August 1769 - St. Helena, May 5, 1821) was a French military and ruler, General Republican during the Revolution and the Directory, architect of the coup of 18 Brumaire which made him first Consul (Premier Consul) of the Republic on November 11, 1799; Consul for life from the August 2, 1802, on May 18, 1804 was proclaimed Emperor of the French (Empereur des Français) and crowned on December 2; He proclaimed King of Italy on 18 March 1805 and crowned on May 26, boasted both titles until April 11, 1814, and again from 20 March to 22 June 1815.

Over a period of just over a decade, acquired control of most of western and central Europe by conquests or alliances and it was only after his defeat at the Battle of Nations near Leipzig in October 1813, he was forced to abdicate a few months later. He returned to France in what is known as the Hundred Days and was decisively defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium on June 18, 1815, being exiled by the British to the island of St. Helena, where he died.

Napoleon is considered one of the greatest military geniuses of history, having led military campaignsvery successful, albeit with some losses equally boisterous. His aggressive wars of conquest became the largest known wars thus far in Europe, involving a number of soldiers never seen in Armies then. In addition to these military prowess, to Napoleon it is also known by the establishment of the Napoleonic Code and is considered by some an "enlightened monarch" because of his extraordinary talent and ability to work. Others, however, consider a tyrannical dictator whose wars caused the deaths of millions of people, and one of the most megalomaniac and nefarious characters of all time. [4]

He is considered the key character that marked the beginning of the nineteenth century and the subsequent evolution of contemporary Europe.


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35 cms.
Wood and Zamak
Made in

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 -   (Llanon, United Kingdom)
Nicely made flintlock pistol with Nicely made flintlock pistol with excellent attention to detail
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first class thank you first class thank you
 -   (WIGAN.LANCS, United Kingdom)
first class thank you first class thank you
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