Marto black katana


It is a katana from the exclusive collection of oriental weapons made by Marto. It is a completely decorative replica with a length of 100 cms. and stainless steel blade.

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The nihontō, more commonly known in the West as a katana, is the weapon most closely related to the samurai and was even considered during the Edo period as "the soul of the samurai." A samurai never abandoned his sword, even in times of peace. The best gift a samurai could receive from sudaimyō was a sword forged by a celebrated master. The katana or catana (in Japanese 日本 刀 nihontō) is a Japanese saber of unique edge, curved, traditionally used by the samurai. The origin of the Japanese katana goes back to the X-XII centuries, The samurai warrior carried the katana with the blade down to hold it with both hands, The samurai did not use any shield for their protection, since the katana was a defensive weapon and offensive at the same time.

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Long100 cms.
MaterialBlade: Stainless Steel
Weight1,4 kg.
Made inToledo (Spain)

Parts of a katana

Todas las partes de una katana japonesa

Made in Toledo

Made in Toledo-SpainMade in Toledo-Spain

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