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Blade support Templars

Knights Templar Sword with soorte decorative wall hanging. Sheet stainless steel and rubber coated handle. Pomo with the cross of the Templars. P>

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102 cms.
Blade: Stainless Steel
Blade long
84 cms.
Reference Attributes Quantity Price
035120001 Engraving: SI; 0
035120002 Engraving: NO; 0
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Sword Venetian Cinquedea, or Ox Tongue was a weapon of civil, produced especially in the north of Italy, where the possession represented a high social status in the Italian renaissance to the late FIFTEENTH century...

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Decorative Templar sword made in Toledo (Spain). With stainless steel sheet, corrugated and screen printed. The grip is brassed. The knob is decorated with the Cross Pate feature of the Knights Templar.



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