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Armour Persian Char-a ina, polished

Armour Persian called Char-a ina made in steel with a polished finish. Is adjusted by means of straps of high quality leather and buckles of brass. The military service who enlisted the persians of birth and assimilated as they were called, to the conquered peoples, it was mandatory. During the military service, every warrior had to be paid for their clothes and weapons during the approximately 4 years that lasted the military service. No one could be freed from military service, but the higher classes had the economic possibilities to buy clothes best decorated and elaborate as the use of dyes in the garments to make them more colorful.

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Sizes Length (cms.) Weight (g) Width chest (cms.) Width back (cms.) Width waist (cms.)
SIZE - S/M 27 2235 22 26,5 21
SIZE - L/XL 30 2834 26,5 32 24
SIZE - XXL/XXXL 33 3510 30,5 39 28,5

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107170001 Size: L / XL; 0
107170002 Size: S / M; 0
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