Medieval Spears

Spear was a kind of weapon incredibly common for Middle Age due to its easy handle and making. Lancers usually went on foot or rode horses that’s why it was really cheap to supply them with arms during medieval battles.

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The most advanced infantry squads took spears, but also knives, axes and hammers.

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 A formation whose members were only lancers might be able to stop  and defeat (sometimes) noble cavalry withouth needing hich costos for being armed properly.

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In Middle Age, spear (usually made of iron) became an essential weapon. It’s said that it was always the second choice for a Knight.

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A spear’s straightness and point symbolize each other the truth and the force of a Knight.

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Horses were normally afraid of attacking a disciplined group of men armed with long spears, an offensive weapon which could be also a effective protection against arrows thrown by the enemy.

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Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

When we are talking about clothing we refer to several designs, colurs and materials such as, leather, cotton, velvet, polyester, suede, rag, silk, nylon…

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Clothing must always be beautiful, high quality, comfortable and make feel so good to people who are wearing it.

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Medieval clothing is extremely careful and reliable to History. We must admit that it will never become old-fashioned, on the contrary, the more the time goes by the more valuable it becomes.

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It has turned into a very illustrative way to know about habits that were in vogue during the Middle Age. Because we pay an special attention to suits, ornaments and fabrics introduced in Western World (european) and Eastern World (arabian).

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To be fashionable has always meant  taking on habits from the country where we reside. It has always been a logical behaviour and we can´t deny that during Middle Age fashion set trends, but above all represented the job and social stratum which its owner belonged.

Camisa medieval negra con lazos - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

In the XXIst century, medieval clothing such as suits or dresses is still being sold, mainly in Europe. A part of the world really aware and proud of its roots and History.

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In the entire Europe; above all in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and England; a lot of festivities and medieval recreations  where its participants  wear amazing and colourful suits and dresses, take place. They are made of excellent materials that make us think how wonderful was this clothing at its time.

Vestido medieval mujer Rojo Crema - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

We can say pratically the same thing about pieces of theatre, movies and TV Series, where medieval theme is synonym of success. Audiovisual industry has always done a perfect job in everything related to medieval clothing.

Vestido medieval mujer Ida - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

How many times have we seen amazing medieval clothing in movies? How many times have we been amazed by its beauty? How many times has our imagination been boosted by it?

VESTIDO MESONERA MEDIEVAL - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

There is such a variety in this field, that sometimes we might have problems to choose among the multiple designs and other factors involved in medieval clothing for men, women and kids.

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