Medieval Clothing – Shipping to United Kingdom

Our stock (medieval costumes, banners, trappings …) and geographical position enables us to ship to UK orders within less than four days. Costumes and medieval dresses that we offer have followed an exhaustive study, classifying them according to the century or the stage of Middle Ages it corresponds to.

Medieval Clothing Isolde


Similarly, and also medieval clothing accessories such as belts, straps, tahalis or medieval gaiters are designed according to the role they would have to develop and materials of the time, such as leather.


To complement the costumes and tabards, we offer a series of shirts and chainmail pants and trousers. The chainmail is made of 100% cotton, thus offering unbeatable comfort without losing the look medieval chainmail had at the time.



The costumes are designed following the variations through the centuries the fashions have marked, the widths of sleeve, necklines, sleeve types, etc … We tried that the types of materials used, if possible, as close to those of the era, including cotton, linen, wool, etc. as well as the drawings in brocades, always looking for quality costumes. The details that have most of the costumes are embroidered.


We manufacture the costumes of all the characters occupying the Middle Ages: kings, nobles, maids, courtesans, knights, minstrels, troubadours, peasants, jesters, etc.

We also have a number of suits, coats, banners … etc.. that can be customized to your liking. For customization just need to contact us, and in less than 10 days we will send. In Tienda-Medieval we have at your disposal an excellent quality of Medieval Costumes and other decorative accessories for your costumes and medieval events.



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