Handicrafts from Toledo

Whatever is classic is always in style, and that is why Toledo and its handicrafts are always stylish. Toledo is imperial due to its cultural heritage, and an essential part of this heritage are its artisans, masters of the trade of converting basic elements and raw materials into objects with their own body and soul. Gold, silver, wood,clay … in the wise hands of our artisans they are at the service of the most beautiful reality: a reality that is forged, molded, carved, tempered, sculpted, woven and set, with the dreams, the dedication and the truth of a job well done.

Breastplate with Eagle Toledo chiseled


Swords made in Toledo
Photo: Manuel Reino

Toledo is a city that is proud of its history and its people. Of its swords and its swordmakers. Tempered strength, forceful and sharp, marked by a fire that stamps character. Patience and control for creations that bestow on Toledo and its artisans the label and a natural charter all over the word of a timeless quality without concessions that has been earned by its own right.


Products made in Toledo
Photo: Pedro Pablo Salvador Hernández

If swordmaking is Toledo’s strength, damascene is its soul. A cosmopolitan soul of a traveller, inherited from diverse times and places that pin on their golden brooch in Toledo. A beautiful and patient soul of which the whole dazzles us because each part is also a whole. Where each thread of gold or silver, each crafted inlay, is an inherent part of a story in which the singularity of its characters performs a leading and unrepeatable role.


Products Made in Toledo - Spain
Photo: Manuel Reino

The skin of Toledo has the celestial touch of El Greco’s canvases stamped on it, the welcoming stone of the city walls, and the majestic sobriety of its wood carvings; noble woods that become “bargueños” (elaborate sideboards), latticework, altarpieces … woods that are the witness of time, a summary of many epochs of life and of many lives of an epoch. Creations conceived by the soul and h ands of artisans to vigorously endure eternal privilege.


Products Made in Toledo - Spain
Photo: Pedro Pablo Salvador Hernández

Clay is the primary form of expression of human beings. From functional pottery to artistic ceramics, Toledo, a city of origins, is not without this form of communication. The useful magic of sand, water and colors are put to the service of necessity and beauty: from water jugs to tiles with the most lovely painted scenes.

Tradition and Modernity

But what is classic is precisely classic because it also current and knows how to combine that which can never be lacking in a product with new tendencies, tastes and technologies, producing, competitive and innovative objects and solutions for a market which demands them. Toledo and its handicrafts are a metting point for the most deeply-rooted traditions and the latest updates. Coexisting and cooperating in the most perfect harmony as corresponds to a city that is committed to this business activity and that makes tolerance its sign of identity.

Swords: José Luis Rubio

Swords: Marto

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