Impressive decorative panoplies

A panoply is usually a shield-like, wooden board, where swords, foils, sabres and other fencing weapons are placed. They can also be decorated with petos, gauntlets, helmets and other old armour parts.

Decorative Panoply

It is really a very sophisticated, decorative element which enhances the beauty of any place or room. We show some nice models which will leave nobody indifferent.

Decorative Panoply

Decorative Panoply


Decorative Panoply

Decorative Panoply



The most original and curious presents

Sometimes it is very difficult to find the ideal gift. We recommend you some birthday presents, for men and women, for children, decorative gifts, home, company, wedding, Christmas or The Three Wise Men presents etc…

Crystal pearl tiara

Getting right when it comes to giving original, new, curious, usuful, decorative presents is a real challenge. Medieval topics are an exellent alternative and guarantee us to make a good impression. That is the reason why we advise you on different possibiliteis which will enable you to choose rightly and make a difference.


We can give our children useful, funny, beautiful, precious presents and at the same time they can be cultural gifts.Solid wooden pirate ship

These should be useful to play with other children and keep moving to do some physical exercise.

 Set of pirate shield and sword



Reward a woman is not difficult if we have a little imagination and good taste.

Australian leather hat



To take a man by surprise is possible if we do not give him “the same thing”. How about if you give him a wonderful medieval sword, a chess-board with historical motifs, an amazing  book-end, an impressive medieval forge apply or lamp, or a perfect medieval accesory? There are as many possibilities as medieval imagination style.

Romans and Egyptians chess-board


If you want to know all our proposals including swords and other medieval weapons, armours, heraldic shields, medieval costume jewellery, suits and derecoraton, you will be surprised.

Riding Knight in a red cloak handcrafted miniature

All the gifts, for all occasions, you will find them in Medieval Shop.






Old Firearms Replicas

Old firearms are not functional, but a nice decorative element indeed, specially thoughts for collectors of these precious historical items. We found varied and beautiful models incredibly true to the originals.

Old Firearms Replicas

Among those old firearms copies we can see cannons, machine guns, pistols, rifles and blunderbusses, many of them relate to Middle Age.

Old Firearms Replicas

Cannon is a piece of artillery which uses gunpowder to shoot a bullet. Cannons have several calibres, they also can vary in reach, mobility, shot cadence, shot angle and fire power.  We can affirm that  some different kinds of cannons combine and balance those atributes in a range of degrees, depending on  the use we give them in the battlefield.  It was used for the first time in China.

Old Firearms Replicas

Machine-gun is an automatic gun designed to shood a huge number of bullets from a chamber or an ammunition belt, which normally in a glimpse of an eye it can shoot a hundred of bullet per minute, due to its mechanism of automatic shoot.  Machine guns are usually heavies, bulkies and they are set over a shaft. The modern use of this word is connected to automatic machine guns, which came before  manual machine guns with some automatic details.

Old Firearms Replicas

A pistol is a short gun fire designed to be handled and shot with only one hand, though it has not to be necessarily in that way; it also shoots short reach bullets. It also exists the automatic pistol which uses gas or compresseed air instead of  using the gas produced by gunpowder combustion; this gun is rarely used to attack people because of the  limited stop power  related to the low depart speed low calibre munitions are shot. They are commonly used in sport shooting competions or for hunting.

Old Firearms Replicas

Rifle is a word with anglosaxon origin used to design any long weapon,  like carebines (either muzzle loader, breechloader, lever, lock, semiautomatic or assault) which has a cannon with a lightly scratched bore in ordr to stabilize the bullet during the shot.  In fact, the bore is scratched to make the bullet come out at a very high speed, spinning around itself  behaving like a gyroscope.  We can produce a gyroscopic effect whic avoids the bullet to be diverted if crosswind is blowing.

Old Firearms copies

Blunderbuss is a high calibre muzzle loader gun fire, with a short canno and usually bell-shaped. It´s  a shotgun predecessor, adapted to militar service and defense.  For Middle-Age  existed a  siege weapon, also calle blunderbuss  or more frequently, trebuchet, is a kind of catapult unrelated to this specific firearm.

It consisted in huge lever that balanced over a point  very close to one of their sides where there was hanging a huge weight. When this weight was released , it threw a projectile placed into a sling suspended in the other side. As it worked  with a soft and progressive movement, the structure was never damaged; the opposite happened with the catapult.

Old Firearms Replicas



Columbus sword

Columbus (place of birth discussed, Genoa, 1436 – Valladolid, Spain, 20th May 1506) was a sailor, a cartographer, admiral, viceroy and Governor General of India in the service of the Crown of Castile, famous for manufacturing the so-called Discovery of America,  on 12nd October 1492, fact that caused decisively the expansion of the European civilization throughtout the world, the conquest and colonization by many powerful countries of the American continent.

Columbus sword

Its anthroponym is a worldwide icon which inspired innumerable names, as that of a country: Colombia and two regions of North America: The British Columbia in Canada, and the Columbia District in the US.

Colombus sword


Columbus sword with decorative brass-like finish (without a scabbard or with a leather one)

There is an amazing commemorative sword of the Discovery of America, made in Toledo with a stainless steel blade, a hilt covered in velvet, a guard and a loop with golden finish together with inscriptions referred to this historic event.

Discovery America sword

Columbus Gold Sword: Aloneafter twenty years of multiple setbacks he got support in Spain of the Catholic Kings. They were granted three ships, the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria, and August 3, 1492 set sail from Palos. On 12 October the same year touched American soil and landed on the island of Guarahani (San Salvador), and the discovery of America began.