Merlin’s Sword

The name means FALCON. Son of the beautiful Lady of the Lake, the grat druid Hafgan, where from Merlin learnt all his magic, told that The Great Sir of the Light would born. He learnt to be a great warrior of his granfather and defensor of the empire. He converts to Merlin the Warrior, druid and loyal counselor of Uther, supreme monarch of Britain.

ESPADA MAGO MERLIN 398x450 - Merlin's Sword

When Uther passed away without any heirs, Merlin driven the Excalibur sword in a hard rock, and shout to the people:

“The person who can extract the sword from the rock will be the next King of England”

Merlin took the charge of the Arthur’s education, illegitimate Uther’s son, teaching him all the arts that would need to be a good monarch and hiding him until the moment of the extraction of the Excalibur sword from the rock and he would be the next King of England.

When in the Britain was finally in peace, Merlin retired to his dwelling.

“Now you can keep reign without my suggestions, keep being a loyal King and in the future the people will talk about you”.

Merlin was a welsh wizard that probably lived in the VI century, and he was one of the leading figures of the Arthur legend. Another theory is that the word “Merlin” it’s like a title, like the druid title. He’s the most famous wizard of the European history, and ispiring for a lot of other wizards of the literature.

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According with the breton specialist Jean Markale, Merlin was a versatile figure, that personify different archetypes of the mythical celtic’s world; like the druid, the bard, the wild man, the prophet and the shaman.

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Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Decoration is the combination of all elements involved in house´s decoration, a room, or an ambiance. Its main goal is to make her look beauty, nice and fuctional. That´s why we have to work with the dimensions and the volumen, a task where walls become the leading role.

LAMPARA FORJA 5 BOMBILLAS 392x450 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Within decorative tendencies there are no limits. The most important thing is the taste and the most suitable theme for our personal style.  A decorative style that is undoubtedly considered  as beutiful, cultural and historical…is the medieval style, which gives an special, elegant and majestic touch to our favourite living room, social headquarters, office, main hall, restaurant, hotel, bar…

Lámpara forja grande cadenas 18 luces - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Furniture´s distribution besides the wall and ceiling´s lining, the kind of floor and the inclusion of textil elements;  are all of the  factors we must take into account.

Aplique forja 3 bombillas - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

A wall is vertical construction piece which limits, defines and protects an architectural space.  Antoher use that is given to walls is the one related to the division of spaces. Within the medieval style, wall acquire an extraordinary beauty, if we decorate them with medieval symbols and pictures  that suggest colouring and brightness.

Estandarte medieval diamante castillo - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Medieval forge has become a necessary item for upraising walls and ceilings with beautiful lamps, wall lamps, supports, torches, candelabras, recessed light fixtures…that will obtain this illuminated and welcoming effect.

Aplique medieval de forja 50 cms. 287x450 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

If we are medieval swords or firearms copies  collectors, we will be able to show them off  in beautiful expositors with different sizes and models.

Panoplia para colgar 5 espadas - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

And what about the medieval shields which give a kind of special effect to the walls where they are hung?

Imagen 14 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Pratically the same thing happens with medieval swords, it doesn´t matter if they are decorative or functional.  Because they are hung in walls where they acquiere a spectacular form in order to be seen and admired by everyone in the room.

PANOPLIA CASTILLA Y LEON PARA ESPADA 450x426 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style