Custom-made scabbards for swords

The scabbards are different for each kind of sword and we don’t recommend to use a scrabbard for any type of sword. The scabbard of a sword is the cover of the blade, where the sword rests and that’s why it has to be custom-made for the sword.

3 Romanas con vaina b 354x556 custom - Custom-made scabbards for swords

For the straight blade swords we can use a standard scrabbard. The maximum length of a straight blade sword is usually about 80 cms. and the width is about 6 cms….

435 982 - Custom-made scabbards for swords

The hole of the scrabbard, where the blade goes, presents a hook or a ring to make easier the insertion of the sword. The leather scrabbards are usually reinforced by a metal end to protect the end of the sword. The scrabbard gives to the sword an extra protection.

Vaina de cuero con remaches y cabeza de león 1024x326 - Custom-made scabbards for swords

The scrabbards of the swords have also more elements that help the user to carry the sword: Adaptors for the belt, swordbelts, etc…. Not all the scrabbards can be fixed to the belt. Some of them have no hooks and are just decorative.

Vaina de cuero para espada - Custom-made scabbards for swords

The customizing of scrabbards are the perfect solution for the rest of the swords because of the characteristics, for example, because the blade is not straight or because of the size of the grip, or for example the “Rapiers” that needs a totally tailored scrabbard.

captura 004 - Custom-made scabbards for swords





Period Helmets

Culture and Histoy lovers  of no matter what age,  are ware of the importance of helmets as one of the most precious items. Because though them we can see the idiosyncrasy of every civilization and the bravery of their warriors.

Capacete morrión decorado - Period Helmets

Period helmets are the living image of dothe art, the progress and the habits of several civilizations. Who doesn´t get surprised at seeing the beauty of greek helmet, a roman helmet, a viking helmet, a japonese helmet, a medieval helment or a spanish conqueror helmet?

Casco guerrero grabado siglo XVI - Period Helmets

According to historians, we know that clasical spanish conquerors helmets have a metal crest which besides of protecting it was conceived to dissuade the enemy, because it made look the soldier taller and stronger than he really was.

Imagen 120 - Period Helmets

Warriors from Greece, Sparta and Corinth wore helmets with spectaculars plumes and characteristics waves.

Casco griego corintio real - Period Helmets

Samurai Warriors Helmets  were known by its classical visor placed in the front part. In the superior part they had iron teeth to hold the pheasant feathers.

Casco Japonés Daisho Kabuto Kake1 - Period Helmets

And what about the huge range of medieval helmets models? Like the pigface bascinet, the spangen helmet, the morion, the barbuta, the kettle helm…

Mini casco inglés - Period Helmets

Roman helmets have a beautiful and smart design which function was to protect to the warrior during the battle. On the helmet (cassis) we could see a crest (crista) which crossed the head in a longitudinally and laterally way.

Cascos Romanos - Period Helmets

Famous vikings helmets, in fact, didn´t have horns. Vikings and Normands were fearsome, strong and skilled warriors and for tactical reasons having horns in their helmets would have supposed a weakness to exploit for their enemies.

Casco vikingo - Period Helmets

Brave templar warriors helmets with their famous front crosses are recognizable everywhere, it shows a strong discipline in the militar aspect and religious side as crhistian monks.

Casco templario con cruz frontal y lateral - Period Helmets