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Axe of the Death of Frank Frazetta

This Axe Death Dealer is forged by hand in steel of high carbon. Takes a handle, slightly curved in genuine wood. Sheet of aged look hand finished. A certificate of Authenticity. Includes wall bracket decorated with the shape of the shield Death Dealer.


Blade edge

short time Manufacturing time: 1 WEEK

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Sword-Death Dealer, from the Collection Death Dealer of Frank Frazetta. Death Dealer is a painting by fantasy illustrator american Frank Frazetta made in 1973. Represents a threatening warrior with armor, equipped with a helmet with horns, sword, axe and shield: a great adventure a must have for any lover of fantasy and good comic.

Windlass Steel Crafts

Data sheet

Blade long
42 cms.
4535 gr.
Reference Attributes Quantity Price
095630001 Blade edge: NO; 0
095630002 Blade edge: SI; 0
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