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Suburito japanese polypropylene for workouts

Suburito japanese intended for training. Simulates the weight of a japanese sword real. It is primarily designed for training alone. and it's made in durable polypropylene, which ensures a sturdy, shock-resistance. It is used for kata and suburis.

The interpretation of Cold Steel was inspired by a suburito of wood in the private collection of the Aikido 5th Dan Andrew Demko. The president of Cold Steel, Lynn C. Thompson, and trained with him for several months and decided to create one for Cold Steel.

Injection-molded polypropylene of high resistance, with a long handle and a square tip, the Suburito of Cold Steel is extremely resistant to breakage and will never shrink, rot, crack or chip like a suburito of wood. It is built to provide many years of hard service and, if used faithfully, you will become a better swordsman.

It has a stylish finish wood grain and leads the five main precepts of the court of the sword japanese, written in Kanji characters (circular motion, angle of the blade, the cutting path, distancing, and twisting of the tea cloth ).

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Cold Steel

Data sheet

114.3 cm.
1108 gr.
2.5 cm.



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