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Cota medieval Book of mesh

Cota book of medieval mesh artisanal manufacturing techniques. In this book you will find all the information necessary to achieve do yourself a coat of medieval mesh more than acceptable.


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Those who venture into the world of medieval recreation, often find the difficulty of the faithful reproduction of own costumes of the time.

With this book the author, Antonio Pérez Gómez, seeks to highlight a number of basic techniques, unknown to most, for the manufacture of wearing chainmail, breastplates, caps, pants, etc. and other add-ons own a time when such garments were habitual thing.

Although at first glance may seem a difficult job, making for yourself a coat of mail is a simple task once it has taken some practice and skill with hand tools, though, it requires a constant effort and certain time commitment free, but it will look too well rewarded with the final results, nothing to do with poor imitations of bright telilla remaining seriousness most medieval costumes that can be seen in any event, recreation or medieval market, of many They held throughout our country.


Chapter 1. Introduction.

Background, Objectives and justification of the work.

Chapter 2. History of chain mail. Span>

Review the origin of armor made with rings, evolution along the historia and interpretation of documentary sources. P>

Chapter 3. Materials. Span>

Materials used more frequently, and materials and tools necessary for the implementation of the garments recreated. P>

Chapter 4. Making rings.

old methods of manufacturing rings, artisanal methods and manufacturing techniques. Types of rings and types of screens made of rings.

Chapter 5. The cap or Coif.

Ancient manufacturing techniques or coif Coif for head protection.

Chapter 6. The chain mail or breastplate. Span>

Techniques and designs of chain mail and breastplates to protect the body and limbs. Its variants throughout history and structural evolution.

Chapter 7. The shims. Span>

Manufacturing techniques and problems of portability.

Chapter 8. Other add-ons. Span>

Elements that accompany and help weave mesh. P>

Chapter 9. Glossary. Span>

Collection of medieval terms for garments made with mesh rings.

Chapter 10. References.

Bibliographic information sources consulted.

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Antonio Pérez Gómez
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