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Sword decorative Tewkesbury, S. XV

Sword Medieval Tewkesbury, with a classic design of a long sword of the FIFTEENTH century. It has a double-edged blade forged of steel EN45 hardened and tempered. The sword is completely decorative and full spike bolted to the knob. The grip is composed of a wooden handle wrapped in black leather, a guard of steel flattened out and knob hexagonal elongated. The guard measures approximately 23 cms. long and 0.5 cms. thick. Includes sheath made of wood and black leather collar with steel-blue.


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The Wars of the Roses, fought between 1455 and 1485, were a series of battles for the English crown between the Houses of York and Lancaster. Both families were members of the same royal dynasty european, the Plantagenet, who had been ruling England during the last three centuries. These civil wars (punctuated by short episodes of relative peace) owe their name to the respective emblem of the rival families, one white rose to the Yorkistas and a red one for the Lancastrianos. After 30 years of political intrigue and terrible bloodshed, the family dispute eventually led to the end of the dynasty of Plantagenet and the rise of the House of Tudor.

The Battle of Tewkesbury, fought on 4 may 1471, was a decisive victory of the Yorkist that saw the death of the young heir of Lancaster, the Prince Edward of Wales, and established completely to King Edward IV on the throne. This marked the beginning of the longest period of political stability of England in this conflict, multigenerational, which however revived immediately after the death of Edward IV in 1483.

Battle Merchant

Data sheet

118 cms.
Blade long
25 cms.
1800 grs.
Material hoja
Carbon steel EN45
Width at Guard
5.5 cms.
Handle Length
90 cms.
Point of Balance
12.5 cms. desde la guarda
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