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Charles III sword with engravings

Carlos III decorative sword with engravings in bowl. A high quality sword from the exclusive Collection "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" manufactured by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.


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Carlos III (1716 -1788) known as "The Politician" or "The best mayor of Madrid" was Duke of Parma (1731-35), King of Naples and Sicily (1734-59) and Spain (1759-88) and belonging to the House of Bourbon

CarloIII of Spain was the third son of Felipe V, the first he had with his second wife, Isabel de Farnesio, so it was his brothers Luis I and Fernando VI who succeeded his father on the Spanish throne. The death without offspring of these, would lead to Carlos to occupy the throne. Carlos served family politics as a piece in the struggle to recover Spanish influence in Italy: he inherited initially from his mother the duchies of Parma, Piacenza and Tuscany (1731); but later, when Felipe V conquered the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily in the course of the War of Succession of Poland (1733-1735), he became king of those territories with the name of Carlos VII. He contracted marriage in 1729 with Maria Amalia de Sajonia, daughter of Federico Augusto II, Duke of Saxony and of Lithuania and king of Poland.

Man dotWith an extraordinary dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit, it fostered the country's economic, cultural and educational growth. Politically it granted political power to the bourgeoisie, favoring its interests with legislative initiatives such as the creation of the Order of Carlos III, the opening of overseas commerce or the suppression of the 'vile trades'.

FunGiver of the Royal Arms Factory of Toledo, promoted the construction of importants architectural works and the modernization of the country's capital by what is known as "the best mayor of Madrid".

The first issue he had to deal with when accessing the reign of Spain was the Seven Years' War to stop the British expansion in America and later collaborated in the independence of the United States of America. In line with the Enlightenment of his time, Carlos III made important changes, without breaking the basic social, political and economic order, Despotism Illustrated. He reformed the army and increased Spanish naval power, to the point that it could be considered in its time as the most powerful after the British.

He died in 1788 succeeding him on the throne his son Carlos IV.


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