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Sword Charles V by Marto Forging, brass

Sword of Carlos V of the house Marto of Toledo with a finish of forged brass. A sword of high quality exclusive Collection of “Historical Swords” made by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.

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Carlos I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire, called “the Caesar”, the son of Juana I of Castile and Philip I the Handsome, and grandson through the father of Maximilian I of Habsburg and Mary of Burgundy and mother of the Catholic Kings, is elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire to the death of his grandfather Maximilian, in 1519.

He reigned together with his mother—this last form, only nominal— in all the kingdoms and territories of Spain with the name of Charles I from 1516 to 1556 joining together for the first time in one and the same person the Crowns of Castile —the Kingdom of Navarre and Aragon.

Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany was known in his time as “THE Emperor” and no king ever brought together under his command an empire so immense.

Combines in his person the territories from the quadruple heritage of her grandparents: habsburguesa (Maximilian I), in burgundy (Mary of Burgundy), aragon (Ferdinand the Catholic) and castile (Isabella the Catholic).

After so many wars and conflicts, Charles V entered a phase of reflection: about himself, about life and its experiences and, in addition, on the state of Europe.

Charles V began to be conscious that Europe is going to be governed by new princes, which, on behalf of the maintenance of the States themselves, not trying to minimally alter the balance of political and religious to the inside of each one of them. His conception of the Empire had passed and was consolidated in Spain as the dominant power.

He retired to the Monastery of Yuste, where he remained a year and a half in retreat, away from the cities and political life, and accompanied by the order of the Jerónimos monastery who guided spiritually to the king until his last days. On the 21st of September 1558 died a victim of malaria. The coffin of Charles I is located in the Royal Crypt of The Monastery of el Escorial, known as the Pantheon of the Kings.


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