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Helmet of King Elendil

Helmet official of Elendil made by hand in iron with ornaments in relief, and a worn finish. The interior is lined with leather for comfort and durability. Includes a wooden stand.

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Elendil, dubbed the Alto, is a fictional character belonging to the legendarium of the british writer J. R. R. Tolkien. Son of Amandil, was the heir to the lordship of Andúnië, of the island of Númenor, and had royal blood, being a descendant of the same Elros. Like his father, was one of the few númenóreanos that they did not believe in Sauron.

His father, he rebukes to esCloak the imminent destruction of Númenor, after the king's Ar-Phârazon, influenced by Sauron, had dared to defy the Valar and sail on a war footing to Valinor. After embarking with his family on the east coast of the island, managed to escape the sinking of Númenor in nine ships: four for him, three for Isildur and two for Anárion, and their children. With them were several Faithful (loyal to the Valar and the Elves), and also had seven Stones, Seers, and a sapling of the White Tree that Isildur had managed to save before his burning. After bypass terrible storms and mountains of water that rose to the ship to the clouds, landed on the western shores of Middle Earth. There they founded the realms in exile: in the north reigned Elendil in the Kingdom of Arnor; and in the south were his children in the Kingdom of Gondor.

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41 cms.
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