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Spears and halberds

  • Spearheads


    <p>Spear tips and medieval and vintage halberds.</p>

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medieval halberd 205 cms. long. It is made of wood and zamak. The halberd is a weapon enastada about two meters in length and has at its head a spearhead weapons and upper breast, a cross-shaped blade ax blade on one...

Shipping on Monday 21

In Stock: 1 un.

medieval pike with detailed engravings. Pikes are similar to a spear, but much larger in length, measuring between three and four meters normally. As used, the pikes were gaining in size, both horn and tip.
Spearhead functional model Hewing. The spear is one of the oldest and most important of all the hand guns. The celts, as well as the vikings, they used this type not for throwing, but as a weapon of effective cutting....
Roman Pilum made of wood and forged steel. Tip has at its base to nail him in the sand. It is threaded to send more easily. Length: 215 cms. The pilum was the basic weapon of the Roman soldier with the gladius sword.
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